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2009-03-19 16:12

Heyheyfriends is getting more and more people join for meeting oversea friends. So it is getting harder to make your profile show on the front page. there are several to make your profile show on most visits page at heyheyfriends.

All you need to do is making backlink to HeyHeyfriends. So you might ask what is Backlink ?

It just  post a hyper link  from other websites, blogsto to, simple is that!

Please copy and paste the  follow html code to other websites for buidling up the Link Popularity of HHF

 <a href="">Meet Korean Friends</a> 

Or Just make a hyperlink back to heyheyfriends from other website by your way.

Once you did it , pls message me with site you have added.

200 ranking points per link !

Remarks*:  HHF has a scoring program to let members to earn points for exchange photos storage and buy position rank .For earning points  All you need to do just do posting, upload photo, write blog and join activiies at HHF. You can buy ranking at  "Network / ranking list"  to improve your profile

If you have any question pls message me


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