Big Bang is Back with Sunset Glow

2009-07-22 23:34


Big Bang released the teaser of their title song Sunset Glow from their upcoming 2nd album Remember this morning. It has become a topic of discussion among fans for it’s message about telling us to care for the beaches of Taean county.

Big Bang’s Red Sunset teaser was filmed on the west coast of Korea where the beaches were devastated by South Korea’s worst oil spill ever in December last year. Images from the teaser video showed the big contrast then when millions of Koreans descended upon the beaches to clean up the mess initially. But now, the beaches are devoid of any human activity and near empty.

The subtitles on the teaser video wrote, “After 334 days, not a single person goes there anymore.” This is followed by a snippet of the song, “Even though I can’t see your beautiful self anymore”, and then Big Bang raising the sign, “Let’s go WEST!”, leading their fans back to the west coast once again.

According to someone from YG Entertainment, “Many have remade Lee Moon Sae’s Red Sunset song. After Big Bang decided to remake this song, they put a lot of thought into it so that it can be differentiated from the others. They decided on this enviromental theme, and hope that while they are promoting their song, they can pass a message, telling people to pay attention to the neglected west coast that was devastated by the oil spill last year.”


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