My Poems >_<

2009-04-17 04:38
1. I've waiting you for much time
To tell me that you care of me,that you love me
I'm waiting a word from you but isn't come,isn't come
Can wait in vain to be your only love
Maybe you love someone else and not me.,not me
Pretty words you say and you getting me hypnotized
You lie me?Why don't you tell me?
I can't understand myself
What i think&gt;? I love you?
Everything is like a dream,in the black night
But i'm waiting you,waithing you always...
Maybe we'll meet at the shadow of a tree
That is crying his love like me and it hurt,it hurt...
2. The changed weather you have closed in you
You're poison me with your words
Don't you know that is hard
I just want to meet you and at my breast to hold you
To whisper you that I love you
Time passes as the wind when i'm thinking of you 
My heart is open,and that scars me
And my fear of it is you'll wipe me out and you'll forget me
I want you to know one thing
How far I'm,beside you I'll be
Maybe in a day you'll need me
And my name Will you say through your lips.
3. The night come slowly,slowly
Everything that was and is
Just a dream maybe a story
A life love,
Maybe a hope
In my mind you entred
Like a flake in sunset
And he's asking for your love
But don't fool him
'Coz he's love is true
Hope you didn't forget...
not so good in english =_="
One day with you i wanna be
Even if you're milles away from me
Just one time i wanna hold you
Then please don't let go.
You're my eveything
For you i'm comming
You're the only one
Not just someone...
I wanna look into you're eyes
Don't be like the ice
Show me that you care too
And will be just 2.
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foot step

  • youngi
    youngi 2009-06-21 19:08
    wow my buddy. keep on trying .i think u have genius in this case,
    r u in love?  if he dont love u i'll xxxx him be sure ;)
    paste all of ur poems here, i will read it, i like poetry,
    naturally  ur a good poet,^^
  • mary
    mary 2009-06-21 19:20
    youngi: wow my buddy. keep on trying .i think u have genius in this case,
    r u in love?  if he dont love u i'll xxxx himbe sure ;)
    paste all of ur poems
    yes i'm in love ~
    hehe he likes me and cares about me ^_^
    thanks >O< eonni~
    oky i'll put them ~
    aw~ thanks so much
  • mary
    mary 2010-02-11 05:56
    Was an angel with without wings
    When her eyes opened up.
    As she grew she never knew
    What the world can gave.
    Without hope she started think
    How she’ll fight the live..
    Then he came on the shining light
    And she felt again alive.
  • mary
    mary 2010-02-11 06:01
    What does it mean to love?
    It’s that thing when you find it hard to breathe?
    Is it when you feel like the luckiest person in the world?
    Is it when you can not tell about your feelings?
    It was when I met you.[for a special person]
  • dlrudtn232
    dlrudtn232 2010-04-25 00:06
    Great! I think this poems make me recall my love. So now I'm depressed, ㅠㅠ But! This poems are very good. You are beautiful and your poems are beautiful too! I want to make nice poems like you but I can't ㅠㅠ At middle school, my poem test deserve an B. Oh Gosh!

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