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  • drewster411

    Emperor of the sea / 해신

    drewster411 2009-01-23 09:50
    Cast: Choi Soo-Jong, Chae Shi-Ra, Song Il-Gook, Soo Ae, Kim Heung-Soo, Lee Yeon-Hee, Kim Ah-Joong, Suh Do-Young, Baek Sung-Hyun.

    Emperor Of The Sea / 해신 / Hae Shin / God of the Sea / Jang Bogo

    Jang Bo-go (Choi Soo Jong) was a slave from Shilla (a Korean dynasty that lasted from 57 B.C. until 935 A.D.) He is sent to Tang (a Chinese dynasty), where he has the opportunity to train his martial arts sxxxxs while a gladiator-slave. There, he sees his people being kidnapped and xxxxed by Tang pirates. He comes back to Shilla and asks the king permission to clean out the Tang pirates. Jang Bo-go seizes control of the seas and returns the waterways to his people again. Pirates fled at the name of Jang Bo-go, giving him the name 'Hae Shin', meaning 'Sea God'. During this time, Shilla's royal house was in tumult because kings were being kicked out after only a few years of ruling. One royal family member comes to Jang Bo-go for aid to dethrone the current king. He accepts the offer and dethrones the king, enthroning the royal family member. In gratitude, the new king promised to marry his son to Jang Bo-Go's daughter. However, the king dies after several months. The Crown Prince tries to keep his promise to Jang Bo-go, but he can not due to opposition by the royal officials, who will not allow that a daughter of a former slave can be queen. Jang Bo-go is xxxxed by his former allies, Yeum Moon, the assassin, in league with Yang Kim, a power hungry minister of the the Royal Court.

    • drewster411
      drewster411 2009-01-23 10:10
      Emperor of the sea / 해신, check out the soundtrack, it's awesome too.
    • drewster411
      drewster411 2009-01-23 10:41
      The main character from Jumong (주몽) is in it, Song Il
    • chefsano
      chefsano 2009-01-30 12:59
      I watched this korean drama in the philippine primetime tv and they dubbed it into tagalog language so that everybody in the phlippines would understand it. I love the story and i like how they do it.
    • drewster411
      drewster411 2009-01-30 13:10
      I'm glad u liked's awesome, mixed with action (martial arts and sword fighting), history and love story...sad ending thou...just like most of the Korean dramas...hehe...great
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