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  • I am sooo glad that I've finally finished my final exams N schools done...for now. I'm so looking forward to summer...traveling and lots of video gaming..hehehe (reply)
  • 여보세요 Hello, you international people I'm back, wish you all a great summer (소원 모두에게 멋진 여름을) and 파티 열심히, 안전, 수, 인생을 즐길 to the fullest..hahaha- I hope I translated correctly. (reply)
  • Here's to Korea...(cheers) gumbay.... (reply)
  • wish everybody a happy holidays.....즐거운 휴일 (reply)
  • Busy PC Gaming: Borderland Call of Duty Modern warfare 2 left4dead 2 Resident evil 5 Dragon age origins On Win 7 x64...Check out my new gaming rig that I just built, PC specs: Cooler Master cosmos- fu (reply)


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