Hi :D

2009-02-25 21:33
Hi guys.
I'm Lana Suh from Korea.
My real Korean name is Jeongye Seo.
I wanna make many cool foreign friends, so I signed up here.
I like drawing, listening, talking, hanging out with my friends, playing the piano,
and writing the letter to my penpal.
I love gossip girl,grey's anatomy,Jonas brothers,Highschool Musical!
If you wanna be my really good friend,
mail me anytime when you can.
Though I can't reply to you fast, I'll reply someday if I wanna be your friend, too.
But don't write just like 'Hi, I'm blahblah~ I wanna be your friend!'
If you sincere want to talk with me, introduce about you short.
Hope you be my nice friends!
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foot step

  • wengskie
    wengskie 2009-03-02 11:16
    hi weng and im from philippines. I want to be your friend. i hope youll add me.
    I like korean singers like Super junior, DBSK, SNSD etc..
    it seems like you really like foreign shows and youre already fluent with english..
    really hope to talk to you soon..

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