A loner's song

2009-11-07 03:45
Then and there, the list is so long, i suddenly seigh and then snap....
yes i snap back... i snap back finding
i snap back trying me against...against what i see is the world but now i am confused....
I am confused because i am told that this world is me and then i found i am trying against me....i am trying against the unrealised people with unrealised dreams ,unrealised notions and biased perceptions
Though funny it may seem but the feeling itself is lingering and the relations seems elusive.....difficult to be realised
Elusive .. because the meaning has been stolen from words, the essence has been stolen from the meaning......
So what is soo bad in going back to basics...what is soo bad in snaping back... what is there to be what is to there to be...because in the end the thing which lasts is the thing which stays with you ...and don't leave you.
To leave and to be left is painful but there's nothing this world ...or me can do because no one stays withou a reason...yes a reason no matter how elusive this togetherness is but they are far to be realised yet look so close...close like a shining mirage in a desert and ...and me a thirsty lone traveller ...
In the end the what stays with me  is my own shadow but again the shadow of mine is again with me for a reason...and the reason is my body...
coz the day i loose my boby own shadow also will leave me.........
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