the simple signe

2009-12-03 06:15
Heeeyyaaa.... soo  my distress damsels and polar bears how are you, you know it's beautiful out there ....will snow perhaps..."i love watching snow fall"  haaah..!! 
Take a look again
"i love watching snowfall from the inside of my house"
"i love watching snowfall when i am out in the snowfall" ...
see how distinct that sound from my very 1st one...dear em again not going into the  "MIND" talks coz i am not good at it..(i have realised this in due cource of time)..... but i am loving this moment coz i have started loving me..and found that to love me i need "ME" and i need "LOVE" and the people who makes it possible.
we all love snow the sight is very beautiful ,
i love watching people playing in snow when you watch them playing with there friends and loved ones the sight itself is so freshing and you are just in love and when you feel so the people around you feels so.......... "LOVED"..."liked"..and enlighted.. so common my friends let's enjoy..coz LIFE IS VERY SHORT TO BE ALWAYS PISSED OF"
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