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  • consciouscradle
    Heeeyyaaa.... soo  my distress damsels and polar bears how are you, you know it's beautiful out there ....will snow perhaps..."i love watching snow fall"  haaah..!!  Take a look again "i love watching snowfall from the inside of my house" "i love watching
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  • consciouscradle
    another great lyrics and the song however the music is framed on a 4*4 frame  ie 4 beats by 4 beats  but  still great song lyrics go as:-   Stranger than your sympathy And this is my apology I xxxxed myself from
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  • consciouscradle

    A loner's song

    consciouscradle 2009-11-07 03:45
    Then and there, the list is so long, i suddenly seigh and then snap.... yes i snap back... i snap back finding i snap back trying me against...against what i see is the world but now i am confused.... I am confused because i am told that this world is me and then i found i am t
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  • consciouscradle   well one of the legends ,one of a great poet, my soul ideal  he speaks mee...   this  is one  f his best poetry or song(lyrics) but  this  is  not the original music it's the co
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  • consciouscradle   This is for u.......
  • consciouscradle
    Chapter X Vibhuti Yog Krishna: Hear father yet thou Long-Armed Lord! these latest words I say Uttered to bring thee bliss and peace, who loves Me always Not the great company of gods nor kingly Rishis know My Nature, who have made the gods and Rishis long ago; He only
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  • consciouscradle
    Chapter IX Rajavidyarajaguhyayog Krishna: Now will I open unto thee - whose heart Rejects not - that last lore, deepest-concealed, That farthest secret of My Heavens and Earths, Which but to know shall set thee free from ills, A Royal lore! a Kingly mystery! Yea! for t
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  • consciouscradle
    Chapter VIII Aksharaparabrahmayog Who is that Brahma? What that Soul of Souls, The Adhyatman? What, Thou Best of All! Thy work, the Karma? Tell me what it is Thou namest Adhibhuta? What again Means Adhidaiva? Yea, and how it comes Thou canst be Adhiyajna in thy flesh? Slayer
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  • consciouscradle
    Chapter VII Vijnanayog Krishna: Learn now, dear Prince! how, if thy soul be set Ever on Me - still exercising Yog, Still making Me thy Refuge - thou shalt come Most surely unto perfect hold of Me. I will declare to thee that utmost lore, Whole and particular, which, when th
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