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  • consciouscradle

    the real commotion...!!!!

    consciouscradle 2009-02-10 06:45
    well there's  a  weird thing miring in my head that what is the perception of" A REAL FRIEND"  ooor  wht it actually mean...??

    EM REALLY OUT OF MY wits and theory as such nothin seeemss  sooo innane as thinkin about  the  above aspect..

    whatever it may be or  whatever it may seem ....  for  me  A FRIEND  IS  A  "FRIEND" no if's no buts , no suffixes or no prefixes ...  the  term "REAL" is only a thing to be felt,experianced.....and it will turn out to be great...

    • Traderjoe
      Traderjoe 2009-02-26 02:18
      Friendship is an elusive word.  It becomes more diffucult as we become older.  Sucks.
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