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2009-03-14 14:00
I dont have anything to write about me but i'll try to post something and besides, i know nobody would mind reading this..hehe

Let's start with:

The Basics:(looks like im going to fill-up another resume again)
• My real name is Wenela Jean Pasaol
• Can call me Weng, Jen-jen, Wen
• Im 19 turning 20 this October 1 (I feel old)
• Im from Cebu, Philippines
• Im single and available (Im a member of NBSB[No Boyfriend Since Birth] group..hehe)
They said:
• They said Im tall. Im only 5'4"
• They said Im thin but I weigh 50kgs..haha
• They said Im friendly.
• They said Im funny. (but honestly, Im always smiling so I guess they are right.)
What friend says:
• Kenya, Hiphopmusic, Black diamond and Samusan said Im sweet.(Im not made of sugar.LOL)
• All my friends say im friendly.
• Kenya said im down to earth (can I be up to earth? LOL)
• Shim_minjee said Im crazy (yah right!!)
I am currently addicted to Super Junior obviously.
• I am a negative thinker.
• I am not that confident (that's why sometimes i think im ugly. sometimes i think im dull)
• I think I need to learn english more.
• I have a crush on someone here in HHF..(LOL im revealing it)
• I like to eat a lot..LOL
• I want to go to Korea!!
• Im talkative!
• I still finding a job so that i can buy Super junior's album.

Waaahh, i dont know what to write anymore. If you have something to say, just comment below.hehe
I will be back to edit this when I know what will I write..hehehe..
That'a all for now..♥

- wengskie♥

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foot step

  • fantasyfan
    fantasyfan 2009-03-14 15:05
    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!  I love it ! well said , what more do they need to know?
  • black.diamond
    black.diamond 2009-03-14 18:38
    hehe...its good to know more about you
  • hiphopmusic
    hiphopmusic 2009-03-19 01:47
    `i like to eat alot` part.... me too man! i know i need diet, but just can't stop it.
  • Eunha_Park
    Eunha_Park 2009-03-29 20:52
    hahaha i love it^^

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