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  • wengskie

    So unfortunate!!

    wengskie 2009-04-04 21:22
    Sorry everyone if i haven't been online this past few days. I know you don't care, i just want you to know. Ive been sad and depressed that's why i don't feel like sitting in front of the computer. Why do I always fail in interviews? arrrggghh..i hate myself.. I hate myself for being unconfident.
  • wengskie


    wengskie 2009-03-20 16:51


            Just want to spazz about hangeng.. man he is so HOT!!!!! i love him so much!!!! HANGENG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WO AI NI!!!!!
  • wengskie

    I hate _ _ _

    wengskie 2009-03-19 14:59
    waaah.. i hate _ _ _ it cant be Kenya, kenya has 5 letters..LOL it can be Gia, but i love Gia and Gia is not her name it can be Amy, but i dont know any Amy. it can be her, but who? it can be HHF , but i love HHF its just that i feel its getting boring offense mickyarba!! LOL i
  • wengskie
    I dont have anything to write about me but i'll try to post something and besides, i know nobody would mind reading this..hehe Let's start with: The Basics: (looks like im going to fill-up another resume again) • My real name is Wenela Jean Pasaol • Can call me Weng, Jen-jen, Wen •
  • wengskie
    Not really huge but i know some are a little bit disappointed. Not because the song sounds a bit different or they performed it bad but because they are not complete when they perform it live in KBS Music Bank. We expect them to be complete since they are having their comeback for 18 months but whe
  • wengskie

    I wonder why...

    wengskie 2009-03-02 11:32
    I really wonder and at the same time amazed with people around here.. My friends and I plan to go to Thailand (actually the plan is to go to Korea but Thailand is less expensive so we chose Thailand instead.keke) when we already have money for travel. Its takes more than a year for us to go to oth
  • wengskie

    When I was sick...

    wengskie 2009-02-23 14:52
    When I was sick, there was my tablet and drink it every after meal. When I was sick, there was my bed where I lay down and rest. When I was sick, there was my mother, grandmother and my whole family who took care of me. When I was sick, there was my sister's Super Show DVD and EHB which is what
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  • wengskie

    Crazy of Super Junior...

    As what the title says, I am really an avid fan of Super Junior. Super Junior is a boygroup in Korea which consist of 13 members. I will not mention anymore of this group. Im pretty sure Korean girls already know them (maybe.hehe) Because of Super Junior, I got to know other kpop artist like DBSK,
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