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  • betlgong
    betlgong 2010-04-19 22:15 are you??
  • noor-eun-yoo
    noor-eun-yoo 2010-04-07 08:30
    hi .. how r u ..? hope u r good ..have a nice day..
  • manal
    manal 2010-03-14 23:01
    Hello ! my new friend how are you?
  • betlgong
    betlgong 2010-02-18 00:15
    wengskie: im wenela but you can call me weng..
    so you like Kpop? me i like super junior very much..
    nice to meet you wenela
    i like kpop
  • betlgong
    betlgong 2010-02-18 00:08
    hello.I'm betül.what is your name??
  • leesooyun
    leesooyun 2010-02-17 06:32
  • ya1201
    ya1201 2010-02-11 21:10
    hi~! long time no see..
    do you remember me~?
  • oumaima
    oumaima 2010-01-21 05:02
    hi how r u
    i hope u be fine at u r life nd school im oumaima from tunisia nice too meet u
  • filly
    filly 2010-01-11 10:28
    wengskie: hello there filly^^
    hey girly!:)

    thanx for passing by!
    how are you doing? any nice things this year already?^^

    well, i dont have many changes yet but the spirit is more positive!

    all the best for you! ~~~xx
  • rejoy_love
    rejoy_love 2010-01-06 18:45
    wengskie: hi..its been a long time^^
    how are you?
    still busy?
    hope to talk to you again..^^
    Recently I've got problem!
    That I am looks younger than my age!
    Maybe in some aspect, it's very happy to hear but many in many ways, I think, not happy to hear!!
  • rejoy_love
    rejoy_love 2010-01-06 18:23
    wengskie: i was too late to warn you.hehe.
    dont fall down on the slippery road again.hehe
    Oh thanks haha!!
    But It's too cold to ice to be melt.
  • rejoy_love
    rejoy_love 2010-01-05 19:46
    wengskie: wow.. you must take care..
    goodluck on your schooling..
    take care always
    Thanks, you take care too!
    But I fell down already in the slippery ice road!!
  • Gisela
    Gisela 2010-01-05 19:41
    wengskie: hello there gisela.. i really want to have a korean friend. hope to be friends with you^^
    by the way im weng from philippines^^
    Hi~Weng!Good to meet U in this website^^
    I'd been to philippines 6 years ago for studying abroad!
    I hope we could be a good friend~
    p.s. Do you have any messenger ID(like msn)??
  • mary
    mary 2010-01-05 00:54
    wengskie: hi..long time no see/talk.hehe^^
    if i catch you online, i hope we can talk..we have lots of things to talk about.hehe
    my new year was with my
    i hope that too~
    yes are a lots ><
    wow rained that day"? :(
    at christmas snowed and it rained at new year! But a little~
  • rejoy_love
    rejoy_love 2010-01-04 22:02
    wengskie: hi..its been a long time^^
    how are you?
    still busy?
    hope to talk to you again..^^
    wow, I've got your reply!
    I am back from school right now and I am so exhausted cuz In korea, seoul VERY SNOWY!!!!
    The snow lay about 7cen-timeters deep. It's hard to go out
    in this terrible weather condition. Buses are canceled. Subways and trains delay..
    going school was.. SoSo Long journey..
  • Matt07.19.85
    Matt07.19.85 2010-01-04 08:39
    wengskie: ive never been to Korea. i really wish i could go to korea.its my wish.hehe^^
    hope you can visit Philippines.we have lots of beautiful places here^^
    Well I hope you too can visit Korea one day.
    The Philippines look very beautiful also.
    I hope you are haveing a very nice day! ^_^
  • mary
    mary 2010-01-04 05:24
    hi ^_^
    how had you been?
    How was the chritmas and new year? ^^
    long time no see or talk :(
    miss you~
  • 06cwlui
    06cwlui 2010-01-02 20:15
    wengskie: hello^^
    I am from Hong kong
  • fantasyfan
    fantasyfan 2010-01-02 17:29
    wengskie: helo there kenya!! happy new year^^
    i miss you^^
    *hugs* me too wings hope you had a great christmas and an even better new year .
    I have found a new band I like . U-kiss , I only heard one song they have so far but I love it .
    what about you ? still a die hard suju fan I think
  • Matt07.19.85
    Matt07.19.85 2010-01-02 10:24
    wengskie: hello there happy new year^^
    by the way im wenela and im from philippines..
    im so glad to be friends with you..hope to know you more^^
    Thank you so much.
    I hope I can visit the philippines one day.
    I will be visiting South Korea soon though.
    It will be my first time out of the country.
    Have you even been to Korea?
  • liyinshu
    liyinshu 2009-12-28 14:51
    wengskie: hello^^
    its been a long time. how are you?
    i'm fine .but it's very cold in Beijing ~how about you ?
  • Matt07.19.85
    Matt07.19.85 2009-12-27 22:03
    We are friends now!!! ^_^
    Hello, I am Matt,
    How are you?
  • fantasyfan
    fantasyfan 2009-12-19 16:05
    Hahaha yes that filly is wise indeed !
    I have been wrapping gifts galore! I think I will wrap myself up and send myself
    to Korea in care of whoever will have me!
    I just thought I would stop through and make sure you two our keeping out of mischief !
    see ya around
  • filly
    filly 2009-11-15 09:53
    hey girlie! left u a wall at fb hope u got it..:) that lady down there is taking a loooooong break...kkkkkkk
  • fantasyfan
    fantasyfan 2009-10-09 04:10
    Hiya wings! I hope all is well for you =)
    I don't get on here as much as I use to , but I can see you on FB after my break
    take care =) luv ya
  • black.diamond
    black.diamond 2009-10-03 01:42
    wengskie: hey doina!! how are you?!!
    im sorry i forgot your bday. i dont know if its a belated happy birthday or advance all i know is its near my bday..wish yo
    it was in advance hehe....i barely even visit hhf now...but tnx so much my dear!!!
  • mary
    mary 2009-10-02 01:35
    wengskie: hi..yeah its been a long time..
    i dont have internet in our house and i often go to internet shops that's why i havent been updating much.
    how are you
    oh =( that's so bad...
    i'm fine til now =)
    i will =)
    take care too>(^^)<
  • mary
    mary 2009-09-30 01:12
    long time no see
    how had you been?
  • fantasyfan
    fantasyfan 2009-09-29 14:08
    Wings! <3! miss you much =)
  • shim_minjee
    shim_minjee 2009-09-19 18:07
    wengskie: YAA!!! too!!!hehe
    Haha.. oh~~oh~~ super girl.. kkk
  • makino
    makino 2009-08-29 21:52
    wengskie: hi..youre so pretty..
    no that's not me i wish
  • dhinhawati
    dhinhawati 2009-08-16 14:41

  • fantasyfan
    fantasyfan 2009-08-12 12:29
    missing you wings!
  • shim_minjee
    shim_minjee 2009-07-30 10:47
  • namsai_108
    namsai_108 2009-07-23 09:44
    hi ^^ thanks for visit my page
    nice to meet you
  • mickyarba
    mickyarba 2009-07-18 20:10
    wengskie: hello so sorry for not updating..i lost my internet connection and i dont have time to go to internet sorry..i miss hhf so much,,hop
    never mind . glad to hear you back
  • kws1018
    kws1018 2009-07-18 19:52
    wengskie: hello..nice to know you..hope youre okay...^^
    Thank you for coming my page. ^^ nice to meet you
  • kws1018
    kws1018 2009-07-18 18:38
    hi ^^  Let's have good times
  • fantasyfan
    fantasyfan 2009-07-04 08:05
    YaY so glad to see your back wings! I haven't done anything special . I have family down visiting me right now for july 4th party. I  have missed you so much , I hope all is well with you and your new home. How are things going for you? I will try to be on during this week , but I have two birthdays to celebrate one is my daughters she will be 9 years old! maybe I will get to catch you on =)
    luv U *hugs*
  • black.diamond
    black.diamond 2009-07-01 21:07
    wengskie: waaahhh..doina..i miss u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ive been gone too long but now im back.keke.but only for now coz i had the chance to go to an inter
    miss u too weng ^^ ive been busy a lot too...but now im done with my,have u found a nice job yet?
  • shim_minjee
    shim_minjee 2009-06-10 18:54
    wengskie: praning..di kita kakalimutan u too..
    ingat ka..
    haha.. i know u miss me! lol...
    ingat tayo lagi ha.. may internet ka na?
  • fantasyfan
    fantasyfan 2009-06-09 16:29
    hiya wings, how are things in your new area? I have another good friend that just moved and she has no computer access now , I miss you guys much , I had you in mind when I did the two layouts with SUJU on it. It got a lot of views too. I like there songs , but I think I like them more because there are 13 of them....13 is my lucky number take care of your self wings *hugs*
  • shim_minjee
    shim_minjee 2009-06-03 19:35
    wengskie: hoi..kumusta? ayos na pc namin.kekeke
    anu na balita?
    namiss kita ng sobrang sobra...
    mwah mwah!!
    Pst. nareplyan ko na ba to before? haha
    ang tagal kong di nagpunta dito.. siningit ko lang..

    wag mo ko kakalimutan.. busy lang ako ngayon! love you weng!
  • fantasyfan
    fantasyfan 2009-06-02 11:51
    wengskie: im still gonna feel it Kenya..haha
    sure ill add you in facebook..take the quizzes about love and you'll enjoy it.haha..
    im gonna get a new crush now..
    Hehe! I saw you on there , well I will try to take some tests, I hope I do good lol.
    yeah lets hope we both get new crushes then!
  • fantasyfan
    fantasyfan 2009-05-30 14:47
    wengskie: know what kenya, i always think of him coz i forgot his face.hehe^^
    i took a quiz in facebook "are you in love" and i was thinking of him an
    Oh wow! you are on facebook too? I am also , I don't find much to do there though sometimes, add me I am under my name kenya Jones.
    Yeah wings it would have been good to have a picture of him. I have one of my crush and it is kinda relaxing, but frustrating too. maybe I should take the facebook quiz  LOL
    We are good women so maybe one day we will find good men!
    keep your hopes up!
    how was your move? do you like the new place you are now?
  • fantasyfan
    fantasyfan 2009-05-28 10:32
    wengskie: thanks Kenya!!!
    you won lotto? let's buy him..let's go to japan..if he's still there.haha.
    Haha, No wings no lotto wins yet , and if I do,  we get to buy new crushes, we can pay some else to hunt him down that way we can just go to him and not waste our time looking ^-^!
  • black.diamond
    black.diamond 2009-05-27 13:50
    wengskie: haha..dont worry, few more days to go.hehe^^
    thanks for your prayers.
    take care always doina!!
    tnx!u too ^^
  • vivie
    vivie 2009-05-27 08:55
    wengskie: hi..thanks..we are friends now..^^
    nice to meet you here..

    hope you enjoy here coz i am..hehe
    hey there friend
  • koo0331
    koo0331 2009-05-26 15:59
    wengskie: hello^^ new here?
    nice to meet you..
    hope you enjoy here..
    good to see you.. and would like to talk with you
  • black.diamond
    black.diamond 2009-05-26 14:43
    wengskie: i havent found a job yet..i miss you so much my dear.*hug**tight*hahaha
    ok lets chat after june 12..i can wait.hehe..
    take care ya
    dont worry ... lets hope ull find one sure ull do,ill pray for u ^^ i miss u too *huggy* yeah,after june 12 ill be as free as a bird :P...till june 12 im so busy and stressed and..geez...i hate school...:P
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