Where can I go to meet English speaking Koreans in Ulsan?

2009-05-05 11:14
I've been here for three months now and time is really starting to drag. It seems everything thats advertised is happening in Seoul, and sadly for me thats over 5 hours away...

This little country town must have some places I can meet people, and do stuff.

In all the time here I've only met one person and my reliance on them for friendship is becoming problematic. I have to find other things to do, the sooner the better. My workmates do not show any interest in my life out of work hours and I am not going to press them any more either. People have to want to spend time and share stories with others...they can't be forced.

Any ideas, I would love to hear them. That is of course anyone actually reads this...oh well way I figure its worth a shot.

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foot step

  • mickyarba
    mickyarba 2009-05-05 11:40
    Hi Don,
    1st,  pls let me know what kind of people u would like to meet ?  only can speak english ?
  • Don
    Don 2009-05-05 11:55
    No Micky I want to meet locals. I'm not interested in hanging out with foreigners at the bars and what not. Ideally I would meet a nice girl that wants to spend time with me, but at this point I just would be happy to have somewhere to go.

    It's my 30th birthday on Saturday, and I'm feeling pretty low. I have a feeling I'll be sitting in front of this bloody laptop again...
  • MES
    MES 2009-05-11 08:36
    hey mate read your post. so this is what I recommend. I have been here nearly four years .
    Join a club - anything volleyball, art, music, dance, basketball - good fun and lots of social stuff
    Volunteer - there are lots of orphanages, old peoples homes, community groups etc
    Church - doesnt matter if it is Buddhist or Christian or what but churches are hugley social here and an easy way to meet people

    English - when and if people speak to you in english who are Korean prolong the conversation get their number and then call them

    Foreigners - There are people out there like me - we speak Korean, we love Korea, we are addicted to Korean dramas, we are going to ever korean culture sight we can, we have lots of Korean friends and we are very selective of which foreigners we become friends with because we arent into the whole "foreign scene"
  • Don
    Don 2009-05-11 10:29
    Thanks for that mate, I actually met some people on the weekend. I was invited out and collected a bunch of numbers from people.

    I understand what you say about the foreign scene too. I'm not here to do things I could do back home. Though I must say it was nice to hear some Aussie accents on the weekend!
  • MES
    MES 2009-05-11 17:46
    your an aussie to ? thats cool. Well great. glad you got it going on this weekend hope it works out well

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