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  • Don Aboriginal man, born blind and sings in his native tongue. His songs move you he breaks the language barrier. Point of interest, father can mean land...or country.
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  • Don

    Car accident

    Don 2009-06-11 11:22
    A friend of mine was involved in a car accident last night in Australia. There were five people in the car, he was driving and lost control at speed going around a bend. The car ended up wedged against a tree and he needed to be cut free by the fire department. One of the female occupants was eje
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  • Don
    I've been here for three months now and time is really starting to drag. It seems everything thats advertised is happening in Seoul, and sadly for me thats over 5 hours away... This little country town must have some places I can meet people, and do stuff. In all the time here I've only met one p
  • Don

    Saturday Night Shenanigans

    Don 2009-05-03 12:11
    Lets get this post started by saying that I was told Monday would be a holiday to make a total 4 day long weekend, sounds pretty good so far. But on Friday I was informed that Monday would be a work day after all. Bad news one. last weekend was utterly boring and I had intended to make the most of
  • Don
    I can't believe those idiots in the Phillipines who have nailed themselves to a cross. Jesus did that so you wouldn't have to...morons.
  • Don you have to listen to that...poor Gerbil.
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  • Don


    Don 2009-02-27 23:23
    I have had my first taste of suju (is this how you say it?). It tastes like vodka and has a much worse rocket fuel. Thankfully all my years of hard drinking in Australia allowed me to take all the drink that was offered. I'm actually a bit dissapointed i'd really like some more no
  • Don


    Don 2009-02-22 12:13
    Life in South Korea and what I will do without a camera: I'm enjoying my time when I am at work but when I'm not working I'm feeling very isolated. Things keep breaking and all the little things I miss. It started with my mobile phone, then my internet, then my email...then my camera.  I'm
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  • Don


    Don 2009-02-20 21:02
    Anyone in Ulsan other than me? There must be some people... I need help, how do I find my way around this place? Where is a good place to go on the weekend? I need something to do!
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  • Don

    first day of work

    Don 2009-02-16 22:04
    I have finished my first day of work. It was fun, not too hard and some of the kids were quite funny. A few were a bit boisterous and loud though. Mainly the boys... bloody cold out there today though, I hope that beautiful weather comes back soon. Its too cold tonight, I'll have to wear a beanie a
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