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  • Don
    1. Expand/Contract Ulsan is playing games with me, I feel happy then suddenly everything that makes me happy is gone...Can't work it out. - Don (08-16 23:56,2人reply)  reply
    2. I love Korea...but.. it's so far from my home country.  I wish Canada was right beside Korea. - cashpiles (08-19 11:54)  reply
    3. hmm perhaps swap North Korea and Canada. That should keep American and North Korea busy! - Don (08-21 11:18)  reply
  • Don
    1. Expand/Contract listen to this guy. He's a genius. - Don (06-22 00:17)  reply
  • Don
    1. Expand/Contract Woohoo, 5001 page visits. Thanks to all those who have visited, expecially the 3 from today whomever you were. Now to go for 10,000 visits! - Don (06-04 20:21,4人reply)  reply
    2. congratulation don ~ - kuirim (06-08 00:27)  reply
    3. Thanks, it is quite the achievement huh. ;) - Don (06-08 05:53)  reply
    4. Hehe! way to go don, 10,000 ok well I am rooting ......and visiting you LOL - fantasyfan (06-09 16:41)  reply
    5. thats another 1 off the total then. :) - Don (06-09 20:31)  reply
  • Don
    1. Expand/Contract Im going for 5000 page visits today. Only two more required, will YOU be the one to take me over the top? - Don (06-04 10:09)  reply
  • Don
    1. Expand/Contract Cranking the trance before work...ooh yeah. <LOVE IT> - Don (06-02 11:01)  reply
  • Don
    1. Expand/Contract Could be heading to Busan this weekend, hopefully its an exciting and memorable (for the right reasons) trip! - Don (05-29 12:19)  reply
  • Don
    1. Expand/Contract I just cleaned my apartment. It looks all sparkly and nice now, but I also discovered a leak coming from the roof in my bathroom. That can't be good right? - Don (05-27 10:34,1人reply)  reply
    2. Nope a leaky roof is never a good thing I had one that turned into a big hole that was there for a week! I made the guy come out christmas eve to fix it, he w - fantasyfan (05-28 10:24)  reply
  • Don
    1. Expand/Contract oooh I have a red star now! - Don (05-26 10:24)  reply
  • Don
    1. Expand/Contract oh man, that chilli cheese chicken is too damned good. I can't stop ordering it! - Don (05-25 21:12)  reply
  • Don
    1. Expand/Contract I am back in Ulsan, after my nightmare journey to Gwangju. I Haven't felt so good to come "home" the whole time I've been here. - Don (05-25 09:57)  reply
  • Don
    1. Expand/Contract I am so full, tasty chilli cheese topped chicken stir fry. SOOO good! I had to have it two nights in a row!! - Don (05-21 21:16)  reply
  • Don
    1. Expand/Contract What's going on today? It seems very quiet. - Don (05-10 12:19)  reply
  • Don
    1. Expand/Contract What absolutely brilliant weather, I could sure get used to this! - Don (05-09 14:23)  reply
  • Don
    1. Expand/Contract All I felt like I've done all day is wait for people... - Don (05-07 22:31)  reply
  • Don
    1. Expand/Contract Can't sleep clown'll eat me...can't sleep clown'll eat me... - Don (05-05 22:57)  reply
  • Don
    1. Expand/Contract Im going to buy some bacon and eggs and make a sandwich...I know will the excitement ever end?! - Don (05-05 13:21)  reply
  • Don
    1. Expand/Contract 500 points BOOYAH! - Don (05-05 11:29)  reply
  • Don
    1. Expand/Contract So tired...can't sleep - Don (05-05 07:18)  reply
  • Don
    1. Expand/Contract The kids at school better be well behaved today...I am going to be angry teacher I think. - Don (05-04 11:36,1人reply)  reply
    2. woo, sure I missed beach, movie and shopping...but there was pizza at work. Feel ripped off big time, now nothing to do tomorrow either. damn! - Don (05-04 20:07)  reply
  • Don
    1. Expand/Contract ooh yeah the new avatar is much better. So long fat face! - Don (05-03 14:43)  reply
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