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  • Halliwel
    1. Expand/Contract "LAUGH so hard, that even SORROW smiles at u. LIVE life so well, that even DEATH loves to see u live. and FIGHT so hard, that even FATE accepts its own defeat..." - Halliwel (01-01 02:16)  reply
  • Halliwel
    1. Expand/Contract "When u have a reason to LIVE... U'll never have a reason to QUIT." - Halliwel (12-03 19:16)  reply
  • Halliwel
    1. Expand/Contract "U can 4ever complain ROSES hav THORNS... or ...u can 4ever b gr8ful THORNS hav ROSES." - Halliwel (11-17 20:00)  reply
  • Halliwel
    1. Expand/Contract " Make sure u make someone happy everyday... ...and sometimes that someone is YOURSELF." - Halliwel (10-27 19:07,1人reply)  reply
    2. i like this... - consciouscradle (10-29 19:10)  reply
  • Halliwel
    1. Expand/Contract All things in life are TEMPORARY. If they are going well, ENJOY. They won't last forever... If they are go wrong, don't WORRY. They won't last either." - Halliwel (08-11 21:30,2人reply)  reply
    2. as long as it last ,it's enough to destroy me - Mavis (01-17 19:57)  reply
    3. " Keep in mind that life is TOUGH... ...but u can be TOUGHER." - Halliwel (01-17 20:24)  reply
  • Halliwel
    1. Expand/Contract Everything always ends up alright. If things are not alright, then it's probably not yet THE END. - Halliwel (04-25 21:56)  reply
  • Halliwel
    1. Expand/Contract Contentment is not always the fulfillment of what you WANT...'s the realization of how blessed you are for what you already HAVE. - Halliwel (04-15 15:11)  reply
  • Halliwel
    1. Expand/Contract When you're UP, your friends know who you are... ... When you're DOWN, you know who your friends are... - Halliwel (04-15 13:00)  reply
  • Halliwel
    1. Expand/Contract Never let the things you WANT... ...make you forget the things you already HAVE. - Halliwel (04-15 12:55)  reply
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