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  • KAMM21
    This story also relates to the house my mother was living in but this time it happened not only to my mother. It was about 10 o'clock in the night when my mother, my aunt and my uncle were sitting on my mothers bed, when the bed started shaking all of a sudden and it started rising. Thinking it was
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  • KAMM21

    The Day I almost DIED!!!

    KAMM21 2009-04-17 13:10
    Yesterday April 16th 2009. On this day, me, my cousins and aunt went to a nearby Go-Kart Park. When we got there we were so excited, but our exitement did not last for long. I was to go 5 laps around the course, when suddenly on the 4th lap while making a turn my scarf that I was tying
  • KAMM21
    Talk about wierd, the story I'm goin' to tell you is kinda mind boggling. This happened a long time ago, but I betcha it's true. When my mother was about the same age as I am right now, she lived in a two storeyed old house built decades ago. One night while she was reading her books in the fi
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