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  • KIM
    KIM 2009-07-13 18:06
    i m sezen...i m from india...i m an art student...
    i m an animation artist, i know art, craft, animation, storybord, bg,met paint, painting, potrate, cartoon, illustration, design, graphic, photography....i  modeling for advert...,
    dance, music, singer...i like play mouthorgen...
    i like whole people of all world who are poor or rich,
    good or bed..everything.....i like nature...wonderful sky,
    birds, neture song...i loves my all friend...and u dear .  i like travel with my best friend......i m EMOtional talk with me...sweet friend....
  • jsa0810
    jsa0810 2009-05-02 21:45
    Hi, thanks for adding me:)
    I'm Jennylyn from Korea. what's your name?
    SUJANHAN 2009-05-01 19:29
    KAMM21: Do you still have school? Or are you having your summer vacation like me......
    I still go school.........Vacaton!!!! I Envy you!!!!!!TT hh
    what are you doing these days?????hh
  • KAMM21
    KAMM21 2009-04-29 18:12
    No I just finished High School, so I'm a college student now.........
  • dldofl0550
    dldofl0550 2009-04-29 15:25
    KAMM21: The only sport that I really like and get to play unlike Baseball, is Basket Ball
    thats nice.^^
    are u university a student?
  • dldofl0550
    dldofl0550 2009-04-28 23:12
    KAMM21: I really like it but we can't seem to get them here since this country is not a fan of baseball unlike me......................
    really, actually i dont know the way playing baseball exactly.
    but, i like watching game.
    u maybe like playing sports. right?
  • dldofl0550
    dldofl0550 2009-04-28 19:13
    maybe u think i like baseball because of my cap.
    but, im not the pan of baseball.
    many of koean people like the cap because it is just a fasion.
    haha, do u like it?
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-04-28 12:39
    i like to do this.................................................................
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-04-28 12:37
    KAMM21: Well how do you like the cartoon version of me?.......hehehee............
    ummmm you look cool kind of cool kind of cool kind of cool
    and powerful
    hahahahahahahhahaha ^^
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-04-28 12:20
    Oh you might not see my face
    this month only next month
    in June hahaah
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-04-28 12:18
    my weekend was very sick but im not sick anymore
    but did you here the new about Mexico wow everyone is sick
    in Mexico soo yeah Oh the coming soom well my new Album cover is
    Coming in june sooo yeah thats why it said coming soon yeah it sounds
    stupid heheh ^^
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-04-24 10:58
    really im in the top list wow i didnt know
    hahaah lucky for me haahah cool.
  • KAMM21
    KAMM21 2009-04-24 10:29
    My life yesterday was horrible I found out that Taru wants to become an Athiest after she thought that Christianity was boring. But mention this to no one...............
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-04-24 09:48
    Hey friend i have gone nice hahah
    my day in school was ok it was kind of tired
    and boring but i did all my homework thats the good
    part soo yeah and how was life for you?
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-04-23 07:50
    wow im just a 9th grader sucks for me
    i have a long ways to go for high school
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-04-23 07:41
    KAMM21: We have High Schools here but what I meant was that I just finished the last exam of High School held by the Board of Education here in Meghalaya.....
    oh cool so what grade are you in?
  • KAMM21
    KAMM21 2009-04-23 07:39
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-04-23 07:35
    KAMM21: Dude! For me there is no school anymore except college, if I pass the High School Leaving Certificate Exams................ right now I'm having my va
    ''Vacation'' oh my god lucky you
    im still in school right now god your
    soooo lucky ''why are you soo lucky''
    my school sucks.And you dont have any high
    school were you live wow thats very
    amazing really your joking with me right you dont have any
    high school were you live?
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-04-23 07:23
    hey dude how was your day in school?
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-04-20 04:55
    hey friend check out my new photos in my page ok
    take care dont die hahaah?
  • KAMM21
    KAMM21 2009-04-18 08:53
    Sunday evening I won't be home, sorry. We'll chat again on Monday night, okay bye.......
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-04-18 08:08
    hahahaah im the only boy in you
    list on add hhahahah or two boys
    but a lot of girls hahahah.
  • Taru
    Taru 2009-04-18 02:09
    KAMM21: Now you're making me blush by saying thet my english is perfect. I'm so sorry but I've got to Log Out now as it's already 11:35 here in my cou
    ok.. i also have to go to sauna :)
    sleep well and sweet dreams! ^^
    i dunno if i can come to computer in the weekend cuz i'm going to my friends birthday and we will party the whole weekend.. but i hope that we will chat again at least at sunday evening ^^
    byeee ~
  • Taru
    Taru 2009-04-18 01:51
    haha :D that's good to know ;) cuz sometimes i just talk and talk and talk.. and i don't understand when i should stop :DD and your future sounds good :) i don't even know much what i want to become when i grow up.. i just know that i want to see the world ^^ so i'm thinking a job with travelling and that sort of things.. and i have heard that it's quite easy to get an english teacher place in asia.. and in korea.. so i hope that when i study little more and my english gets better (i'm a little ashamed cuz my english isn't so good and yours is perfect :D)... but yeah.. i dunno much about my future yet.. and i kinda like it that way... u never know what is behind the corner ;)
  • KAMM21
    KAMM21 2009-04-18 01:37
    Sorry for the delay but I just had my dinner. By the way right now i'm waiting for my High School Leaving Cetificate results, me too I still have to study for this National Talent Search Examinations in June, what a drag..... If I get out of High School I plan on Mastering Computer Apps. and if I get the chance might go to work in Korea, besides I love reading, nothing can bore me..............
  • Taru
    Taru 2009-04-18 01:17
    It will start at the end of may :) I also have my birthday then! ^^ so i think i definitely have to celebrate a little :p but it's annoying cuz next year is my last year in high school (in Finland grades go little  different than in other countries) and i have these big exams coming just after summer vacation so I have to study swedish and geography even though it's summer... but if work hard i will get to the university in which i want and then i could maybe go to korea as a transfer student ^^
    how about yours?
    and yeah.. sleeping is soooo nice.. i do that maybe little too much now.. i take naps really often.. but it's never enough, every morning i have same difficulty to get out of bed :D In my freetime i also chat (ofcourse! :D) and soon i will have my driving license so i think that then i will be driving also.. and i loooove dancing! and i have a dance pad so i often play with that too.. and then i do aerobics and some other sports.. :)
    ..sorry i wrote so much .. hopefully you didn't get really bored and i didn't take too much of your time :D
  • KAMM21
    KAMM21 2009-04-18 00:47
    Same here I don't like Chemistry that much with all those chemicla equations and formulas to remember. My day today was very boring except listening to Korean songs and chatting with u, I'm having enjoying my summer vacations. Sleeping, playing football and chatting are the main things that I do nowadays.......... so when will you have your summer vacations?
  • Taru
    Taru 2009-04-18 00:41
    KAMM21: So how was school today? Anything exciting happened today....
    nope.. not really.. i decided that i won't study chemistry anymore.. cuz i already have so much things to learn and study that i stressed too much.. so i think it was the best and now i can sleep my night peacefully :P how about urs?
  • KAMM21
    KAMM21 2009-04-17 22:14
    Jal Kamsaheyo......
    SUJANHAN 2009-04-17 22:05
    KAMM21: Just write to me and ask me anything you like about English and I'll gladly answer them.
    You are so kind!!!!!!! hahaha
    Your nice guy!!! ^^
  • nean
    nean 2009-04-17 21:48
    KAMM21: I'm almost fine now, I went to the swimming pool yesterday and it kinda got rid of my cold, but it seems as if it exited me and entered my cousins who
    ah..ok good,^^ we'll have a swmming too, by tomorrow. and im little exited too. coz i'll be w/ my friends,cousins,and family.
  • Taru
    Taru 2009-04-17 21:45
    btw, if u r some sort of photographer.. why can't i see any of your pics here? :p
    it would be nice to see how talented u r :p
  • nean
    nean 2009-04-17 21:27
    are you ok now? you still have cold?..get well..
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-04-17 21:25
    Thank you so much
    Kamm you are a good
    friend never meet anyone
    like you ^^
  • Taru
    Taru 2009-04-17 21:23
    KAMM21: Hey! Taru allow the guy to add you as his friend, he's my friend and he's nice, kind and also caring....
    yeah sure :)
  • KAMM21
    KAMM21 2009-04-17 12:51
    Seeya Tomarrow, alright then byebye now....
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-04-17 12:43
    oh i see fonts now i know what it means
    hahahah anyway i have school tomorrow
    so i have to get my beauty sleep haha
    bye again ^^
  • KAMM21
    KAMM21 2009-04-17 12:18
    Fonts are writing styles or type of writing designs used in MS-WORD e.g.Times New Roman, Arial ,etc
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-04-17 12:12
    what is Fonts? did you mean friends?
  • KAMM21
    KAMM21 2009-04-17 12:09
    Yeah! still searching for Korean Fonts.....Send me some if you have any
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-04-17 12:07
    your still on the computer?
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-04-17 11:03
    Well i need to go now so
    see you next time dude
    take care and dont die haahahaha bye.
  • KAMM21
    KAMM21 2009-04-17 10:29
    What more can I say about my place, it is not too hot nor too cold, it's kinda like near the seashore, tropical breezy, 'coz my state is located on top of a plateau. As for the people. if you know how to make friends with them they're kinda nice......I'll upload pictures when I get good ones of it..
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-04-17 10:14
    soo tell me more in
    India like is the weather
    hot or cold and is there
    nice people there ^^
  • KAMM21
    KAMM21 2009-04-17 10:14
    Did you mean the one you gave me earlier or a new one, coz I don't have anything in my inbox
  • KAMM21
    KAMM21 2009-04-17 10:11
    My connectio's abit slow so it'll take a long time for me to check out your e mail
  • KAMM21
    KAMM21 2009-04-17 09:29
    Yeah! It's a good thing I'm still alive or I wouldn't get to chat my Friends anymore....
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-04-17 09:26
    but the good thing is that your still alive hahaahah ^^
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-04-17 09:24
    haahahahahaahah wow thats funny and sacrry
  • KAMM21
    KAMM21 2009-04-17 09:22
    I went GO-karting, I was wearing my scarf because I was having a cold and cough. While I was riding the thing, my scarf got caught in the rotor and it started choking me......
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