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    SUJANHAN 2009-03-02 13:09
    hadirj: Hi, how are you ?you can upload your photo in an album here just like your previous uploaded photos(I mean My life and FUN album) or if you don
    Thank you!!! haha
    I will send you e mail!
    SUJANHAN 2009-03-02 10:07
    Hi! how was your holiday???I will send my photo! but.....How can I send.....??? I don't know TT
  • smilehsb123
    smilehsb123 2009-03-01 07:52
    nice to meet you~

    I drop by here surfing the people.
    I want to be your friend . ( now im studying english.)
    ah ,, I m korean  good to see you.
  • Don
    Don 2009-02-28 02:28
    hadirj: Hi man!
    thanks for adding me as your friend
    no worries
  • ken1245
    ken1245 2009-02-26 08:27
    Hello, thank you for visiting my page.
    You are studying Korean. hmm....
    Good Luck to you!!
  • ms7778
    ms7778 2009-02-24 20:57
    Thank you for visiting > <
    만나서 반갑습니다~
    SUJANHAN 2009-02-23 21:55
    hadirj: Thank you!
    no I don't know about Myeong-dong, what there is look like? can you send me some photos from there?  I hope you'll do great in your art exa
    OK! I will send you!
    시험 잘보길 바랄께!!
    SUJANHAN 2009-02-23 10:57
    hadirj: hello^^
    no, my Korean in not that good  T T!
    today I must study because tomorrow and the day after tomorrow i have exams  But next week on holi
    Wow.... I have a art exam too ......TT
    But on this holida! I go to Myeong-dong!
    Do you know Myeong-dong? haha
    Anyway... 열심히하세요! 화이팅!
    SUJANHAN 2009-02-22 10:28
    hello! Do you kow korean well?
    hh! today is holiday! What are you doing today???
  • JoannaChoi
    JoannaChoi 2009-02-19 21:56
    hadirj: anyonhaseoyo ^_^!thanks for adding me as your friend o_0!anyway, did you take your avator photo in a place without gravity ? -_^![
    u wrote korean.haha I was like... what is that language..haha

    oh ma picture..haha
    the restaurant's light color was like that so...haha
  • restimes77
    restimes77 2009-02-15 18:12
    Nice to meet you.
    You worte my blog comment. but It's blank ^^
    I'd like to be your friend, if you want!
  • jsa0810
    jsa0810 2009-02-15 16:47
    I hope you will have many rest
  • jsa0810
    jsa0810 2009-02-15 16:31
    Ah, I see:) Work hard^^
  • jsa0810
    jsa0810 2009-02-15 15:35
    Oh, you online now:)
    What are you doing now?
  • sweetpastry
    sweetpastry 2009-02-13 17:26
    hadirj: sounds like you were busy too! I don't know why teachers like exams and assignments so much...they must hate them like students
    they should have realized that assignments make them bussier to check them one by one..
  • sweetpastry
    sweetpastry 2009-02-11 22:33
    hadirj: Hi, how are you? long time no see!
    no I'm not, actually I'm in hell days  you know because I'm in the end of my semester and must submi
    last week is the most torturing week.
    I have so many tests in school
    two times for math,once for  physics, chemistry, english, biology..
  • pposos
    pposos 2009-02-11 02:44
    hadirj: hi, nice to meet you too
    What ur name?
    my name tina is english name.......... hahahha
    korean name eunjung
  • viviidi
    viviidi 2009-02-10 23:00
    yes,I love flying, too.
    this job with many chances to meet people in my ideal job.
    I like meet with people :)
    What's your dream?
  • sweetpastry
    sweetpastry 2009-02-10 22:54
    hadirj: actually no! I rented an apartment for myself
    wow...haven't talked to you for a while..
    are you in holiday?
  • viviidi
    viviidi 2009-02-10 22:44
    I majoring in airline service in college.
    I'll be a cabin crew~
    I think this job is perfect job for me.
  • viviidi
    viviidi 2009-02-10 22:22
    oh, It sounds cool~!  You look so happy!!

    today is so so for me.:)
  • kkud1008
    kkud1008 2009-02-10 22:18

    how've been?? hh~!
  • viviidi
    viviidi 2009-02-10 21:49
    your welcome
    How was your day?
  • viviidi
    viviidi 2009-02-10 21:33
    no ..don't be so sorry !!I have a positive mind!
  • jsa0810
    jsa0810 2009-02-10 21:13
    I see. I hope you can speak Korean perfetly:)
  • viviidi
    viviidi 2009-02-10 21:12
    맞아요. 꼭 오세요.
    MajAhYo. KokOhSeYo.
    한국을 좋게 생각해주시니 기쁘네요 :)
    HanGookUl JotGe SaengGakHaeJooSiNee GiPNeYo^^ difficult..kkk;
  • jsa0810
    jsa0810 2009-02-10 21:01
    Ah, I understand about your problem.
    He can speak Chinese cause he is a Chinese.
    But we haven't learn about teach.
    Oh, you still looking someone who teach your Korean.
    But I think your Korean is quite good:)
  • jsa0810
    jsa0810 2009-02-10 20:48
    Why you can't learn nothing after ten sessions?
    Well... will you graduate after ten sessions?
    Yes, pronunciation is too difficult.
    I always confusing Chinese pronunciation.T^T
    And Chinese intonation is too difficult:(
  • viviidi
    viviidi 2009-02-10 20:47
    맞아요. 꼭 오세요.
    한국을 좋게 생각해주시니 기쁘네요 :)
  • jsa0810
    jsa0810 2009-02-10 20:36
    Haha, I use dictionary too!
    Because I know few words..T^T
    As you know Chinese have quite characters.
  • jsa0810
    jsa0810 2009-02-10 20:29
    I was surprise to your Chinese.
    You can speak Chinese^^
  • viviidi
    viviidi 2009-02-10 20:23
    sure!why not~!!
    What do you think about Korea?
  • viviidi
    viviidi 2009-02-10 20:02
    Just talking with me.
  • viviidi
    viviidi 2009-02-10 02:27
    Hi~:) Thank you for visiting my page.
    I wish I could speak English better.
    therefore I'm finding a good English friend.
    Can you do me a favor?~
  • pposos
    pposos 2009-02-10 00:28
    hi, i'm tina
    Nice to meet u :-)
  • jsa0810
    jsa0810 2009-02-07 22:41
    I am great.
    Nowadays I am little busy.
    I ready for will go to the U.K.
    I will go to the U.K in Setember of October cause my English study.
    Ah, you have assignments. So you busy too!
  • kkud1008
    kkud1008 2009-02-07 18:51
    hadirj: hi dude ! how is life?
    nice to meet you too
    hh i heard that at the Lost~!

    nice 2 meet you too

    can we make a friend with u?
  • kkud1008
    kkud1008 2009-02-06 20:55
    hi~! nice 2 meet you~!

    have a nice day~!
  • jsa0810
    jsa0810 2009-02-06 18:00
    Hello, I haven't seen you for few days.
    How about your these day?
    Do you have specail anything?
  • L_YR
    L_YR 2009-02-05 22:19
    hadirj: if you mean that I know I'm not..I jut know some phrases
    But you know Korean language a little!
    Your Korean languge really awesome compared to other American!
  • L_YR
    L_YR 2009-02-05 09:18
    hadirj: are you Yuri!?
    Mannaso bangapsum nida !
    You is a possibility of Korean language?
  • L_YR
    L_YR 2009-02-04 08:10
    my  name is Yuree.
    Nice to meet you!
  • sweetpastry
    sweetpastry 2009-01-31 12:46
    hadirj: WooW! sounds like great!specially the envelope part hehehe!  
    to be honest nocoz I have no family in MalaysiaSo I spent a
    Ouw....Do you live in a dorm?
  • sooin
    sooin 2009-01-30 12:53
    hadirj: Hi sooin! whats up?because the en of these university is close so I'm working on my assignments .... submit date is so near ....oh God
    Hadirj ~ hi
    my msn id is change kk add me :) ok ?
  • sweetpastry
    sweetpastry 2009-01-29 16:47
    hadirj: Yo Gracia!how are you? did you celebrate lunar new year? how was that?
    Yes I celebrated the lunar new year. I spent my day visiting my families and relatives. My grandmother cooked some traditional dish, and all the adults gave me red envelope which is filled by money.
    It's kinda traditions...
    How about you? Did you celebrate it?
  • ApriL
    ApriL 2009-01-28 23:42
    hadirj: Yo whats up? yep I'm on! ;)
    you know what.. since we became friend it first time to write message~~ hehe^^
  • ApriL
    ApriL 2009-01-28 23:22
    heya~~~ r u on now??
  • leeyasara
    leeyasara 2009-01-27 11:34
    what college is that??
    can you tell me in full name>?
  • leeyasara
    leeyasara 2009-01-26 12:20
    hi hadirj....
    yeah..i'm a Malaysian..
    where do u study ??
    nice to meet u..(^_^)
  • grandmonarch
    grandmonarch 2009-01-25 13:00
    ou~~ hadi~
    nothing much~k

    What do you do on tomorrow?k
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