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  • effortist0522
    effortist0522 2010-02-06 21:00
    Hi~ I haven't been invited this homepage. Sorry. ㅠㅠ I will often invite!!
    I add MSN messenger. Did you invite South Korea?? You wrote about Korean in blog. I need to teach English someone. I can't English as well.
  • ebalzl
    ebalzl 2010-01-06 20:01
    whiteplainspaul: happy new year to you too!
  • Matt07.19.85
    Matt07.19.85 2010-01-06 00:57
    New friends!
    Hey how are you today?
    This is such a cool site isnt it.
    I see we are both learning Korean.
    Have you learned much yet?
  • ebalzl
    ebalzl 2010-01-01 11:29
    HAppy NEw YEar !
    This years will be happy time !
  • pvrt0028
    pvrt0028 2009-09-15 00:30
    whiteplainspaul: hey buddy. how you been? miss talking to you. take care.bye
    sa bai dee mai,Paul...hope to talk with you too...
  • whiteplainspaul
    whiteplainspaul 2009-08-30 21:55
    hey my friend. how are you?
  • pvrt0028
    pvrt0028 2009-08-30 14:05
    hi Paul
  • effortist0522
    effortist0522 2009-08-23 11:48
    i join this website today. ^^
    you are my first visited.

    I Can't English very well. pardon me.^^

    I want to meet good friends.
  • whiteplainspaul
    whiteplainspaul 2009-07-02 07:43
    you dont have to apologize for the late reply.
    any plans for the summer?
  • Elin
    Elin 2009-06-30 20:10
    whiteplainspaul: hi, how are you today?
    hi~~~^^  sorry for late reply ^^  my day was nat bad...^^
    thank you for asking^^
  • whiteplainspaul
    whiteplainspaul 2009-06-18 04:29
    no, im not asian. im spanish.but i would like to learn more about asian culture.
    how are you?
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-06-18 04:18
    wow you live in the U.S.A and your Asin haha
    welcome to my world
  • Elin
    Elin 2009-06-15 19:43
    hello~~~~! how was your day?^^
  • carleon
    carleon 2009-06-14 05:25
    whiteplainspaul: thanks for the message.
    hows life going?
    u r welcome. well juz normal, nothing special lol hbu there
  • carleon
    carleon 2009-06-13 23:45
    sup man thx 4 accepting
  • Elin
    Elin 2009-06-13 18:28
    hi~ paul nice to meet u~~  thanks for visited my blog^^
    have a nice weekend^^/
  • whiteplainspaul
    whiteplainspaul 2009-06-08 19:34
    pleasure to meet you hae soll kim.  my name is paul. what can you tell me about yourself?
    how was your weekend?
  • pinetree95
    pinetree95 2009-06-08 17:56
    whiteplainspaul: nice to meet you too. whats your name?
    my name is hae soll kim!!
  • pinetree95
    pinetree95 2009-06-04 16:57
    nice to meet you~~!
  • 1005810
    1005810 2009-06-02 11:14
    hello welcome to ^^
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