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  • Cacing
    Cacing 2010-05-17 00:16
    i frm malaysia too>.< nice to meet u~
  • dlrudtn232
    dlrudtn232 2010-05-15 17:23
    SHASHACUTE1990: anneyong^^
    mainne i late reply you....
    how are you??bogosipoyo hehehe
    Thanks^^. I'm fine thanks. How about you^^
    I was so busy ㅠㅠ...
    Take care~ anneyung~
    p.s. What do you do nowadays?
  • dlrudtn232
    dlrudtn232 2010-05-13 20:23
    long time no see^^... What's up?^^''
  • ya1201
    ya1201 2010-05-08 15:16
    Hi! long time no see..
    How are you?
    I was very busy...ㅠㅜ
    Because I had many test!
  • dlrudtn232
    dlrudtn232 2010-05-03 22:37
    SHASHACUTE1990: morning chingu.....
    really you recieve my pic??
    i glad i though you not recieve my pic....
    i look great??no la i not beautiful right??
    take care ching
    No. In korea, Morning and Night is very cold
    But in afternoon... It's very hot.
    (So strange.. We must prohibit from emissioning CO2)
    No chingu!!. You look great!
    Have a self-confidence~!
    You are very beautiful and So cute!
    Don't worry about your appearance
    Even your face is the worst in the world, I'll say you look great.
    Cuz Your Mind is So kind and you are very nice person.
    So you are so beautiful!. And regard your appearance as flower
    It is really flower^^. I can sure~^^
    Take care my friend~
  • saja
    saja 2010-05-03 19:41
    hi sha sha whats up..... i heard that super jouner had a concert in malaysia did u go?
  • DrAiN
    DrAiN 2010-05-03 17:28
    SHASHACUTE1990: are you sure my friends??^^
    haha positive :D
  • DrAiN
    DrAiN 2010-05-03 14:41
    SHASHACUTE1990: hai...i am find how about you??
    i see you look so sad what happen my friends
    thanks for be my friends
    nice to meet you
    thank you I will try to be better!
  • marc_john81
    marc_john81 2010-05-03 11:23
    SHASHACUTE1990: hai....hope we can be friends
    ok....lets be friend...
  • dlrudtn232
    dlrudtn232 2010-05-02 23:03
    SHASHACUTE1990: anneyong chingu
    did you recieve my pic already??
    tell me if you recieve or not??
    i also already recieve your pic
    gomawoyo chingu
    saranghae my chingu[e
    I received your picture. Thx^^
    You look great pal^^
    Take care~^^
  • DrAiN
    DrAiN 2010-05-02 19:00
    SHASHACUTE1990: hallo
    heya, how are you?
  • manal
    manal 2010-05-02 17:26
    SHASHACUTE1990: yap i like that drama so much......
    Does you like Other Korea drama  ?
  • manal
    manal 2010-05-02 17:19
    SHASHACUTE1990: hai i am find thank you
    how about you??
    Me too today I'm very happy
  • manal
    manal 2010-05-02 17:17
    I think you like BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS about me I like it very very much
  • manal
    manal 2010-05-02 17:15
    Hi ! how are you today ?
  • dlrudtn232
    dlrudtn232 2010-05-01 22:46
    SHASHACUTE1990: i just have this pic only...
    So hare...ㅠㅠ
    Anyway~^^. Have a nice day pal^^
    p.s. Ah! I have a question . What is your religion?
    Take care my best friend^^
           - from Korea, Kyung Su Lee. your best friend^^ -
  • dlrudtn232
    dlrudtn232 2010-05-01 22:39
    SHASHACUTE1990: but i dun know how to send pic at people lamianne....
    That's okay^^.
    Anyway.. Downloaded it~?^^
  • eeuee
    eeuee 2010-05-01 22:31
    SHASHACUTE1990: i know a liltle bit only i still study it
    hahahaha mianne if my korean not so good
    hope you can teach me
    i can halp you^^
    but today is late at night
    i'm sorry ^^;next time
    are you ok?
    see you again^^
  • dlrudtn232
    dlrudtn232 2010-05-01 22:28
    SHASHACUTE1990: ok here my email
    but i dun know can open or not ok just dun cry anymore my chingu
    ^^. Just Click it.
    You can download it^^.
    Okay. Now.. I'll send my photos.
    Please send me yours too^^
  • dlrudtn232
    dlrudtn232 2010-05-01 22:20
    SHASHACUTE1990: yap i really love korean group hehehe
    yap ss501 will out new album this month i guess and thier out with new look.....
    i not asking  you to change you
    But.. I don't know how to upload ㅠㅠ
    If you have an e-mail, please write it on this page^^
    I'll send my pictures to you pal^^
    See you~
  • eeuee
    eeuee 2010-05-01 22:16
    SHASHACUTE1990: annyeong....
    annyeong ^^
    korean language you know?
    nice to meet you

    오늘도 행복한 하루가 되길 바래~^^
    =will you have a good today.
  • dlrudtn232
    dlrudtn232 2010-05-01 22:09
    SHASHACUTE1990: dun cry my cutie chingu you cry look si cute laby the way can i see your new pic chingu??
    new picture? Ah... You mean I need to change my photo.^^
    don't you?
  • dlrudtn232
    dlrudtn232 2010-05-01 22:08
    SHASHACUTE1990: its ok you no nit to said sorry i will forgive you......
    ne i know some of korean group name but thier members name i dun know much i just know  my sw
    Wow~ I guess you love Korean group haha^^
    ss501. Nowadays, are they in activity?
    ^^. C U~
  • dlrudtn232
    dlrudtn232 2010-05-01 21:34
    SHASHACUTE1990: mickey??who is that??
    yap i know the other grop beside ss501 hehehe
    Ohㅠㅠ Sorry for my late reply ㅠㅠ forgive me
    Wow  ~ do you know the other group?
    Such as what?
    Take care my friend^^
  • koseohyung
    koseohyung 2010-04-29 16:57
    SHASHACUTE1990: ohh....mianne i just on prosess learn it....its so difficultbecouse i
    learn by myself...really you want to teach me??
  • dlrudtn232
    dlrudtn232 2010-04-28 22:35
    SHASHACUTE1990: la its no meaning i always use 'la'
    becouse i also learn chinese and know how to speak chinese so
    at chinese words got 'la' also
    so its habit to me s
    I like Mickey(^^) In ss501 and My favorite group is
    "Girls Generation"(Oh don't be sillly Kyung Su .. ㅠㅠ)
    Do you know the group la?^^
    Have a nice day and Take care~
  • dlrudtn232
    dlrudtn232 2010-04-28 17:38
    SHASHACUTE1990: really???its change already??so its not cool anymore??
    i can get boyfriends in korea??imposibble chingu your country was so far you at korean i at mal
    Hey pal~ What is 'la' mean? I don't know ㅠㅠ
    Ah... I think you have an illusion about korea. For example...
    Me~! I'm korean but very ugly. haha~!!
    Not all Korean look like ss501. Hehehe~~ ( I broke my friend's dream. forgive me god. )
    Anyway, What is your religion? ^^
    Have a nice day chingu~~^^
  • dlrudtn232
    dlrudtn232 2010-04-28 10:51
    SHASHACUTE1990: hahaha no laactually i learn from tv drama and song
    and now i on process learn korean languadge by myself i like
    korean artist and i know art
    Haha^^ No, your think is not true exactly^^. Now, Korea actually spring^^. ( But Because of a mile climate, Korea's climate is very strange now. Yesterday's temperature is 13 but today is -2. What a ...). You can get boyfriend in Korea~!^^ I'm sure. Cuz you are pretty enough to get ^^. Wow~ Do you like ss501? Who is your best member?^^( By the way My cousin's face is very similar with yoo no yoon ho. But I am not.. oh dear ㅠㅠ) Have a nice day pal^^
    HAEJIN 2010-04-28 09:44
    SHASHACUTE1990: you sick chingu??ya i know now is cold winter.....
    if like that you should stay at home and drink hot water ok chingu
    please take care of your healthy
    ok thank you , my friend
    i'll healthy soon
  • noor-eun-yoo
    noor-eun-yoo 2010-04-28 05:19
    SHASHACUTE1990: are you??
    hi im fine thx ^^
    happy to see u again :))
    what about u ??
    HAEJIN 2010-04-27 22:37
    SHASHACUTE1990: ohh...hahahaha you make me shock chingui am find how about you??
    i am not fine
    i am sick .... because my cold become worse
    help me
    HAEJIN 2010-04-26 21:53
    SHASHACUTE1990: hahaha waeyo you crying chingu??
    how are you today ?my friend
  • dlrudtn232
    dlrudtn232 2010-04-26 16:11
    SHASHACUTE1990: annyeonghaseyo....
    Wow~! You are not only beautiful but also smart~! How do you know about Korean? ^^ Ummhh... kamsahapneeda(감사합니다=Thanks ^^). Anyway, what is your name? My name is Kyung Su Lee from south korea^^
    p.s. Nowadays, the earth is crazy I think. Take care~! and watch out for cold my friend~
                   - from your sincere friend, Kyung Su Lee^^-
    HAEJIN 2010-04-26 11:46
    SHASHACUTE1990: what?what means is that??i think she cant undestand english
    yeah... i think ,too
  • koseohyung
    koseohyung 2010-04-26 10:58
    SHASHACUTE1990: annyeonghaseyo.....
    hope we can be friends...
    I think.... u'd better to write an nyung ha se yo...I just want u to know.. and if u want me to teach u about korean...I can handle it
    HAEJIN 2010-04-22 21:18
    SHASHACUTE1990: annyeong my cutie chingu
    oh!! hi, my cutie lady
  • romance519
    romance519 2010-04-22 15:21
    SHASHACUTE1990: annyeonghaseyo^^
    how are you??
    still remember me??
    of course
    how about you? I guess you're majoring in pharmacy......
    how was your mid-term exam

    I experienced......... the hell LOL
    HAEJIN 2010-04-22 00:10
    SHASHACUTE1990: hahahaha...just wait until i go korean la..hehhee
    ok..i will wait nutil you come korea!!
    HAEJIN 2010-04-18 23:27
    SHASHACUTE1990: me cute??hahahah no la actually you cuttier then me.....
    sure we can meet when i come korean but how we can contact each other??our number its differe
    um....if you come korea, i'll give you my phone number^^
    you can use korea public telephone in korea !^^
    yes, that's really defficult to find korean...
    becouse too it's defficult to find foreigner..
    HAEJIN 2010-04-17 02:21
    SHASHACUTE1990: ya i know korea..that is my favorite country and my dream guy
    also at there tooi wish i can go there vacation....
    and have a korean boyfriends
    you are really cute
    i wish you come here! ^^
    if you come korea, i'll meet you ^^
    HAEJIN 2010-04-17 00:10
    SHASHACUTE1990: ni ce too meet you HAEJIN.....
    i 20 also.....
    so where are you come from??
    i am from korea ^^
    do u know?
  • saja
    saja 2010-04-16 16:31
    SHASHACUTE1990: your welcome saja i am sha sha its malaysia not malasyia hahaha
    haha sorry 4 that ...nice name u hv sha shs.. wanna be my freind
    HAEJIN 2010-04-15 21:49
    SHASHACUTE1990: thanks for be my friends....i am sha sha
    nice too meet you
    Hi, sha sha^^
    nice too meet you, too!
    i'm HAEJIN PARK and 20 years old. how old are you?
  • pablo
    pablo 2010-04-11 02:21
    SHASHACUTE1990: how are you??
    fine,and you^^?
  • RaHyoHung
    RaHyoHung 2010-04-09 21:47
    SHASHACUTE1990: hallo....
  • manal
    manal 2010-04-09 20:48
    Hi ! thank you for visit my page :)
    Have a nice day
  • pablo
    pablo 2010-04-01 21:42
    SHASHACUTE1990: anneyong^^
    hi ^^
  • jeasub
    jeasub 2010-03-30 15:55
    SHASHACUTE1990: hahaha...i just dun like to force people if someone not interested..
    i not so find today i so stress this few's about you??
    my days are fun~

    i hope you too~

    good luck to you~
  • noor-eun-yoo
    noor-eun-yoo 2010-03-29 21:06
    SHASHACUTE1990: ok
    ya i from malaysia.....
    ok i added u dear just open ur messenger..
  • noor-eun-yoo
    noor-eun-yoo 2010-03-29 20:55
    SHASHACUTE1990: i just busy in face book,friendster only..i seldom online in here.....
    oh i see..u r from Malaysia .right??
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