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  • naji
    naji 2009-08-11 07:54
    hi r u doing ?
  • namsai_108
    namsai_108 2009-07-23 09:26
    hi ^^ nice to meet you
    thanks for visit my page ^//^
  • sashie817
    sashie817 2009-07-22 22:35
    ppointhj: Yes, I'm student in Dongguk Univ. in Korea.
    I always want to make foreign friends. So I really happy.
    When do you come to Korea??
    oh,, i see! what is your major?
    hhh, i'm glad^^
    i'm happy to be friends with anyone nice.
    nearest trip might be next yr..
    i'm not sureT.T but i really want to go♥♥
  • black.diamond
    black.diamond 2009-07-22 21:04
    ppointhj: Oh, thank you!
    Where do you live?
    ure welcome :D i live in romania,europe ^^
  • sashie817
    sashie817 2009-07-22 20:45
    ppointhj: Hi! Sasha!
    I'm really happy to know you. How can I teach you Korean? Hmm.. If you have some problem about Korean, I'll check it. How about you?
    thank you for replying!
    i'm glad to talk with you.
    i am just starting with the characters and terms.
    and thank you!
    but you can tell me anything under the sun, hhh, i like to know about a lot of stuff
    are you a student?
    let's keep in touch! see you~~
  • black.diamond
    black.diamond 2009-07-22 05:29
    ppointhj: Hello. My name is Hye-ji. And I'm Korean.
    You are so lovely!
    hey ^^ thank u...u r really nice & pretty...
  • sashie817
    sashie817 2009-07-22 01:20
    how are you?
    my name is Sasha!
    can we be friends?
    nice to meet you!
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