One question for girls:

2009-11-23 05:11
When you went on your first date was your father or mother VERY overprotective? haha I just have to ask. In america most parents want to sit down with the boy and discuss their rules of dating their teenage daughter... So I was just wondering about other countries and cultures. What did your parents do?
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foot step

  • mama_manja17
    mama_manja17 2009-11-26 10:17
    Yeah, my parents will ask the boy to come and fectch me from home. Chatted a lil bit, like getting to know each other and stuff. And what time he should bring me send me back home. I think it's just parents' natural instinct.
  • Kookiz
    Kookiz 2009-11-26 23:57
    mmm i dunno but i think that ur parents really wants the best guy for u
    i know sumtime's it's annoying that ur parents jus wanna take things in a serious way -__-
    Actually im not that intrested to go a date with sumone
    cuz i believe that my friends and buddys are everything to me
    so i dont bother thinking of this thing's (peace of cake) :Pp

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