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  • tinylion

    I wanna exchange ou language n culture! :)

    tinylion 2009-08-12 16:35

    Hi ya, My name is Jay. (Yea Ji Lee is ma Korean name)
    I'm 23 years old girl and now I'm Uni. student.
    I'm looking for the friends who are native with English
    also all the friends who wanna talk with me in English.
    Cuz I was in London for last 10 months to study English,
    I'm confidence and quite good at English conversation.
    But, I wanna improve more n more, expecially for inforaml English.
    If u wanna learn Kroean and our culture, of course I can.
    Cuz I also like to go out and travel, if you are fancy going out with me for learning more abt Korea!,   
      Please contact me with ma E-mail

    You are always very very welcome for me   :)))))

    • evanovich
      evanovich 2009-08-12 22:41
      that sounds good, i like traveling too (germany) and for English you are more than wellcome to write to me, we can be friends I wanna learn Kroean and your culture too, by the way are you   SERIOUS about going out with me !?  gurl isn't that too early
    • tinylion
      tinylion 2009-08-13 02:06
      evanovich: that sounds good, i like traveling too (germany) and for English you are more than wellcome to write to me, we can be friendsI wanna learn Kroe

      R u Germany? These days, I'm seriously thinking to learn Germany as a third language!
      yes, yes I will teach you Korean and our coulture as much as I can.
      and also yes, of course if we bacome sincere friends, it would be very nice to meet outside to talk n show you all the beautiful places in Korea:)
    • evanovich
      evanovich 2009-08-13 07:36
      well,first you can't say "are you germany?" OK! its are you german ? and no i am not, I am just learnig it ( university requirment ) I am from Syria  studing architecture at the German Syrian University
      the studing is in English and a litle Arabic as for the german language we have to finish the last year at germany so i can help you with German language if you want ,any way you seem like a very polite and nice gurl i like that !
      please tell me about korean traditions and the teen vibes  OK
    • Adinda
      Adinda 2009-10-10 02:34
      Hello! :D
      I'm from Belgium. If you want to learn dutch, you can always ask. (but I think no-one's interested in this lame language =_=)
      I really like Korean movies, shows, drama's.. just everything :D
      Hopefully we can become friends ;D
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