2009-08-24 13:35
Kim Bum and his act of kissing

We all know Kim Bum’s latest  drama, DREAM, started airing a couple of days ago.  And while our resident ex-BOF playboy/hottie seems to have channeled a Goo Joon Pyo during this drama (who knew he had that MUCH hair!), it seems that his acting sxxxxs still left little to be desired.

A half naked Kim Bum? Sure why not. But what the heck was that kiss supposed be?? At least Son Dambi managed to pucker up… a bit. Too bad all she got was a smiley-faced, closed mouth, carcass. And to top it all off, the director decided to go in for a closer shot, leaving viewers with a WTF? expression on their faces afterwards.

Makes one wonder how he does it in real life. Or maybe, after 21 years and 6 dramas, he has yet to learn



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