2009-09-10 14:10
Park Jaebum: 2PM Member Quits Korean Boy Band
Park Jaebum (also spelled in English-language sites as Park Jae Beom or Jaebeom) has quit the popular boy band 2PM following inflammatory remarks posted to his Myspace page when he first moved to South Korea from his native USA as a teenager.

Recently, it became known that the singer had written critical remarks on the social network site with the following messages:

"Korea is gay. I hate Koreans. I wanna come back. Korea is whack, but everyone thinks I'm like the illest rapper wen i suck nuts at rappin


The remarks were posted just after Park Jaebum arrived in South Korea as a trainee for JYP Entertainment, which ended up signing Park Jae Beom as part of One Day, which later slit into 2PM and 2AM.

In the years that followed, 2PM and 2AM rose to fame, and Park Jaebum's earlier remarks came back to hurt him.

Just hours after the posting of the message, he got onboard a Korean Air plane in the evening. Hundreds of his fans packed the terminal at the airport yelling: ``Don’t Go, Don’t Go!’’ Jae-beom reportedly gave a big bow as a goodbye to his fans, most of whom were in tears.


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