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  • Kristal
    1. Expand/Contract Hey if anyone visits my pro please leave a comment for i can say thanks for visiting yo's - Kristal (01-01 14:06)  reply
  • Kristal
    1. Expand/Contract i want to go home. - Kristal (09-29 22:47)  reply
  • Kristal
    1. Expand/Contract At school right and eating cookies that i just made they are tasty. - Kristal (09-17 23:12)  reply
  • Kristal
    1. Expand/Contract Hello I am at home now bored - Kristal (09-11 04:34)  reply
  • Kristal
    1. Expand/Contract Ugh i can't wait for lunch i am in class right now and everyone just left i ust have to finish up with a few things but i am waiting for the bell to save me like save by the bell hahah.. sos tupid cau - Kristal (09-10 23:25)  reply
  • Kristal
    1. Expand/Contract Oh i am at school right so hiya - Kristal (09-08 22:49)  reply
  • Kristal
    1. Expand/Contract Nvr mind i already found a menotr yeah - Kristal (09-08 22:48)  reply
  • Kristal
    1. Expand/Contract I am looking for a friend who knows about the music indutries in korea please i need help it's for a project so anyone please reply - Kristal (09-05 04:56)  reply
  • Kristal
    1. Expand/Contract I am at home sitting on the couch watching family play the Wii - Kristal (09-04 04:17)  reply
  • Kristal
    1. Expand/Contract Hello I'm Kristal I am a mexican american who is looking for a korean frined that would help me on my projects  Please help I have to have ten Menotrs and contacts by the 11th of september. Help Plz. - Kristal (09-04 04:15)  reply
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