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  • erica

    i am korean , i looking for penpal friends anywhere, and know your culture.^^

    erica 2009-10-20 23:44
    hi ^^

    i`m 25 years old, i `m female.
    i am looking for new friends. and i learn english.^^
    and i learn english .^^
    if you contact to me, you send e-mail to me. ^^

    • Scutie90
      Scutie90 2009-10-28 09:57
      Annyeong Haseyo My name is Paola (Paula) and I would like to be your pen pal *^^*
    • erica
      erica 2009-10-28 11:25
      Scutie90: Annyeong Haseyo My name is Paola (Paula) and I would like to be your pen pal *^^*
      Hi :D
      Are you interested in Korea?

      Nice to meet you.:D
    • Scutie90
      Scutie90 2009-10-30 04:27
      Yes, I love Korea's culture and food and everything. Now all i need is to learn the language.

      Its nice to meet you too! ^^
    • maram
      maram 2010-02-11 07:37
      hey.....i love korea so much.....really wanna make friends with korean people.....and wish to visit korea some day......but it may be a little difficult......
    • noor-eun-yoo
      noor-eun-yoo 2010-02-12 13:53
      hi erica.. ... im noor nice to be your penpal......i luv korea soooooooooo much... wanna know more about korean people & culturel ...
    • aquagalkayak
      aquagalkayak 2010-02-26 17:30

      Hello I'm Erni from Malaysia. I'm so hoping to hv a Korean friend. Do u have Skype or Yahoo messenger? Through skype, we can do video calls for free and it will be fun to do language exchange!!
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