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  • sweetooth

    I want to learn Korean.

    sweetooth 2009-10-24 02:28
    annyong hasayo!!
    mannaseo ban gapsseumnida​.
    joeneun Andrea Cabalquinto rago haeyo.
    Naneun Philippines eseo wasseoyo.
    I'm 20 years old, and taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management.

    I hope I can have many korean friends..^^
    I like Hanguk Mal..
    I find it interesting to learn..

    Mian hajiman...Hanguk mal chal mosseyo..but I hope you can help me..

    if you have problems with english..i can help you..^^

    • goldenghost
      goldenghost 2009-10-31 02:01
      manaseo bangapseumnida.
      nae ireumeun Kim Seong-hwan iragohaeyo.

      i live in korea.. thanks for your loving Hangeul.
      if given chance to me, i can help you^^
      but i don't know how to use this site.
      if you send e-mail on your curiosity to me, i will respond it.
      i am doing learning English lately.. my sxxxx is poor ㅜ.,ㅠ
      But my problems will solved by your help^^

      i hope we will be good friends.
      my e-mail (
    • hype77
      hype77 2010-01-21 01:41
      Nice to meet you, Andrea~:D
      I really like speaking English.. But I need some help..
      I've gone to Cebu few months ago and I stayed there for 2 months so I have Philippines's friends and I love Philippines~^^
      I can help you..
      Anywhere where are you living in Korea? Seoul?
      I hope you will accept me..
      If you wanna be friend with me  just send a text message..Thanx!!
    • garnet0103
      garnet0103 2010-02-22 08:20
      hi ~ nice to meet you
      I'm looking for  exchange foreign friends
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