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  • noor-eun-yoo
    noor-eun-yoo 2010-04-10 19:26
    hi thx 4 visiting my page .. im noor .. nice to meet u wanna be ur friend .. good luck & have a nice day..
  • tsrif
    tsrif 2010-03-09 22:17
    hi how are you ?^^
  • bebe.kaida
    bebe.kaida 2010-02-15 18:56
    hey hey long time no see ... :)
    how are you?
  • tsrif
    tsrif 2009-12-31 16:52
    새해 복 많이 받으세요 ~
  • kar3ns1ta
    kar3ns1ta 2009-12-17 02:01
    Well I'm ok!! Just a little sad...I want to start college in january but I have to wait until may.. So I have nothing to And I don't have internet T_T only on my phone..
    aww that sucks!! Make sure u take some medicine! :) over here is realllyyy HOT.. I don't like it... I like cold!! Janelle told me u had a break! That's awesome!! Well I'm going to try to sign in more often! :) I hope you have great holidays! :)
  • kar3ns1ta
    kar3ns1ta 2009-12-11 02:50
    heyy hosuuu!!! havent talk in a while!! how are you my friend!!? i heard is cold in korea!! take care of yourself!! ^_^
  • hosu
    hosu 2009-12-04 19:03
    haha :))

    yeh~ rly good idea.  
    let's get together oneday
  • DrAiN
    DrAiN 2009-12-04 16:10
    hosu: oh..  are you ok..??

    but my work is xxxxing me too....
    :) lets have a drink u and I
  • DrAiN
    DrAiN 2009-12-04 09:37
    hosu: hi~  Drain~
    not bad~  andyou~?
    hmm stressed... work is xxxxing me
  • DrAiN
    DrAiN 2009-12-04 00:04
    hey friend how are u>?
  • Adinda
    Adinda 2009-12-01 00:11
    Happy Birthday! o(^_^ )o o(  ^_^)o
  • bebe.kaida
    bebe.kaida 2009-11-29 00:13
    nice to meet you
    i'mfrom Romania
    and my name is Gina

  • bebe.kaida
    bebe.kaida 2009-11-26 20:13
    how are you?
  • myprincebf
    myprincebf 2009-11-25 19:27
    your birthday is coming soon.
    nice to see you
  • sarie1004
    sarie1004 2009-11-25 16:33
    thanks for adding me ^__^
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