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  • rokey
    rokey 2010-03-21 19:29 are u good
  • apalahsaja
    apalahsaja 2010-01-27 21:31
    Hi, Im good. How are you doing?
    do you have msn so whe can chat?
  • Matt07.19.85
    Matt07.19.85 2010-01-05 09:50
    Hey! How are you today?
    Did you have a nice Christmas and New Years?
  • shitstorm86
    shitstorm86 2009-12-19 08:35
    hi-; 라기보다는,한국인이시네요.  안녕하세요^_^

    지금 군복무중이라, 가끔, MSN하는데 뭐 영어 채팅이라도 상관은 없으니깐 대화 가능하시면 인데 친추좀 해주세요.
  • mohammed
    mohammed 2009-12-18 19:20
    your blood's type is B. I'm B too ^^"
    however, it's nice to see you ^^"
  • Matt07.19.85
    Matt07.19.85 2009-12-17 00:27
    dmsp87: I mistake put my sex..kkk I'm a woman.
    i am watching TV now. what do you do?
    Ahhh. hahaha. It is ok, I thought you were a woman.
    What do I do? Hmmmm. I am a firefighter.
    I am about to go to the gym tho.
    I think you are probaly sleeping. It is very late there but early here.
    Sleep good. ^ ^
  • mariem_2803
    mariem_2803 2009-12-16 21:45
    Hii ^^! nice to meet u ^^! my name is Mariem ^^!
  • Matt07.19.85
    Matt07.19.85 2009-12-15 22:20
    Hello. I am your first friend here? ^ ^
    I see you put sex is male but your picture is female?
    How are you doing?
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