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  • fantasyfan

    We are beauty

    fantasyfan 2009-12-16 17:08
      Where is it I long to be? I want to be where the warmth of the sun meets the sea where laugh is heard from the children at play , and the birds and animals sing all day . A place where the flowers are in full bloom and there is no overc
  • fantasyfan

    Right where I belong

    fantasyfan 2009-12-13 12:51
    Too many rules , regulations are abundant , to many things that need rememberance , that is no life for me . Hurt by my own kind , I will not lend my heart to them , They are undeserving , unkind , and that is no life for me. I believe in beauty , i believe in love , I am still skep
  • fantasyfan

    Why do I feel

    fantasyfan 2009-11-22 18:09
    Why do I feel like I have slipped through time and now wander in mist , not ever loosing my way , but never finding it just the same .   Why do I feel like the world around me has become mute and silence is my prison in which I am forced to live. constantly trying to be my
  • fantasyfan

    Distant Lands

    fantasyfan 2009-11-02 17:26

    Distant Lands

      Take me away to a distant land , to a far off place not touchable by man . Send me to the place of my dreams , where there are no nightmares no screams A nice quiet place where the waters flow and an array of  flowers grow . Peace will come easy for those
  • fantasyfan
    In light of the good and bad  events that plaque this world we live in I have lost a lot of belief in things over the years . I have come to except things I never thought I could , and have all but left out the things I hold dearest to me .   I know that
  • fantasyfan

    Thunder & Lightning

    fantasyfan 2009-08-12 11:09
    What was once a beautiful afternoon , now lays tattered and broken in shambles . Debris of ancients trees that once told their lore on days of yore lay silently on still weeping ground .   The boom of what has past still heard in the distance , brings about a hush of the gathering
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  • fantasyfan

    ripples on the waters surface

    There are so many things in a body of water , from sea life to plants and even man made things that have found there final resting place along the bottom. At the surface there may be gulls flying high above and diving in on their next meal. Boaters , skiers and much more al
  • fantasyfan

    Branches of my tree

    fantasyfan 2009-06-29 13:54

    Branches of my tree

    I was given two seeds , two seeds to see if planting them would grow and produce two trees To my surprise they did My first tree had problems growing because I was not educated enough in knowing But she still grew        
  • fantasyfan
    There comes a  time in everyones life when the things we have done in the past , and the things that surround us almost everyday, catches up to us and weighs us down. It becomes so unbareable to the point of us giving in and giving up and just wanting to be left alone. It may seem like we are
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  • fantasyfan

    A blold move

    fantasyfan 2009-06-13 09:40
    Every year I get the itch to want to move somewhere Sometimes I can take a vacation to another state and that will help satisfy my erge. I think lately since the town I live in now is so country and slow, and my sister is no longer here with me, I am wanting to pack all my stuff and head
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