suju fighting back

2009-03-11 13:34
super junior come back!
                          2009 3rd album "sorry,sorry"
finally,after a long time..suju comeback stage with a great surprise to all elf..   "sorry,sorry"
im seriously addicted on this song. it such a good good song that, makes me so crazy,crazy!..
ehm..i absolutely love it so much..♥ "pretty good!"
very addicting! it!
and im so excited to watch it's mv..awww..perfect song.."only suju"
aaaahh..i fall inlove with them..
they are all so hot...!    sorry,shawty,sorry,shawty!.. so obsessed about this song...please support!...
to all suju newest album..
it sounds good..^^ absolutely..'
rocking the k-pop world..
and besides they choreography was so cool!...very lovable..
they are such a good dancers...
13 prince beyond the rocking world of music..still the best singer and dancer in this generation..and they are so cute speaking english..and their dance move is so amazing..
they are super HOT!..
perhaps the album will out at march 12..
but if you dont like super junior,you better not say some negative comments..
antisuju is not our community..
tagsback  fighting  suju 
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