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2009-03-25 17:11
       OH! ^^,,,h!... thanks fOr VisItiNg my BLOG!
                     my profile INFO:♥
name: nephferti  &gt;< a.k.a "pink_bunnygirl"
you can call me --> nef,nean,shammy,hyeyoon,tams,eph,yoon or shin
haha! i have a lot of nicknames...^^
my birthday?--&gt; may 19              nationality:  filipino
zodiac sign: tauruz                    chinese zodiac: year of d dog
place i came from- i live in floridablanca,pampanga,philippines,asia.
status&gt;&gt;&gt; single                  eye color: black "dark brown"
hair: black "straight"             height: 5 feet 7 inches
weight: i don't know my current weight yet.
handwritten: i use my right hand in writing.
                *OOPZ! --&gt;all about my FaVoriTes*
          hoooo...haaaay!... napakadame!....
fav.color: seriously addicted in pink "ilove pink"
            and ...i love also "black and ofcourse white "lav it"
fav.number: i love number 19--&gt;coz it's my b-dae
               number 01 "my lucky no." i love one01
shape i love: hearts...hearts..hearts..
fav. time-&gt; 8:00 a.m,,haha! nothing i just like 8:00
fav. month: may,january,december
              * may--&gt;coz, it's my b-dae
              * january--&gt; coz,it's new year
              * december--&gt; friendship"s reunion
fav. dish: i do love filipino foods,,uhm...yummie!
            "pinakagusto ko is "adobo"
fav.fruits:!! i love all fruits..yum! yum!
fav.vegetables: all!,except radish,i dont like radish....i swear!
fv.soup: corn soup
fav.sweets: OMG!!! i love chocolates forever..and ofcoures...
               im so much deeply fall inlove in "marshmallows"
fav. junkfood: oishi and tempura "mashitta!"
fav. cookies: chocolate chips
fav. seafood: milkfish,seaweed.shrimps.tuna,and all kinds of fish
                "coz,it's very healthy for our health"
favorite juice: orange juice,MANGO JUICE,buko juice
fav. tea: lemon tea,ice tea
and i also like softdrinks,but i dont drink softdrinks often
fav.softdrinks: coke,royal & sprite
fav. shake: MANGO SHAKE..i love it
fav. tv shows : all abs-cbn shows,star king (korea)
                  boys before flowers,midnight dj
fav. anime---&gt; detective conan,yamato nadeshiko,vampire night,boku ga ita, fushigi yuugi,dn angel,doraemon,special A,hamtaro.
fav. animated film: disney mickey,ice age,mulan,cars,wall-e,mr.bean
fav. cartoons: spongebob squarepants,pokemon
favorite music: R&B,,POP,TROT,OPM..
fav. songs--&gt; SUPER JUNIOR SONGS,
                *gee,magic castle,
                *i think im fallen
                * i think i love you
                * my valentine
                * mariah carey songs
                * perhaps love
                * destiny
                * you change my life
                * no one
                * gamgi
                        * the corrs songs
                * celine dion songs
                * there you'll be
                * no body
                        * inspiration
                * through the years
                * greatest gift of all
                * because im a girl
                * love so sweet
                * beyonce songs
                * backstreet boys songs
                * a whole new world
                * agains all odds
                * whitney houston songs
                * we are the world
                * parting time
                * leaving on the jet plane
                * if we fall in love
                * neyo songs
                * chris brown songs
                * rihanna songs
                * bleeding love
                * fall for you
                * moment of truth
                * tonight
                * many many more wow! so many to mention
fav.clothes : skirt,pants,"tokong", leggings,jackets, long sleeve, "sando", t-shirt, shorts
fav. sandals, flat and with heels
fav. accessories: necklace,bolers,bracelets,headban,ribbons,hair clips,ponytails,shades,handky,pins
ah...i will continue next tym..
this for my friends who dont know me
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