so many things to do awh..T^T

2009-04-02 13:45
april 01- practicing a.f drills..
april 02- bonding with seniors and senior officers and camping discussion
april 03- recognition day of our school,and graduation of pre-elem and gradeschool students..we will have a cross sword for students entrance..
april 04- rest day for me haha!..i'll just relax at home
april 05- preparing for c.o.l.t training!..gee! im so xcited ^^
april 06- omg!...our organization "c.a.t" have a training held at 2nd air force reserve center,air force command,clark airbase pampanga php.
            at the same time we will have a mountain climbing..haha! and
in my everyday life i wake up at 5:00 a.m but now....i have to wake 4:00 a.m
and im so exited to meet other school....
april 07- still training...we will go in shopping with my friends..
                    oh that's all for this week....
tagsawh  things 
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