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  • dean1112
    dean1112 2010-02-13 17:03
           I love you all my korean friends! Wish you health and happiness! Good luck in this coming year!
           Forever yours uncle Dean!
  • evanovich
    evanovich 2010-02-09 18:59
    Thanks a lot !
    how are you , how is korea ?
    i am recovering from a car accident ( long story )
    i have to say that there is a lot to ask about you , and about korean
    hope you're fine .
  • Arash
    Arash 2010-02-03 12:59
    hi dear thank for joining
  • Matt07.19.85
    Matt07.19.85 2010-02-02 23:37
    South Korea!
    How are you today?
  • dean1112
    dean1112 2010-01-14 00:38
    how are you my friend^^??maybe you are busy??cheer up
  • johnlbuhril
    johnlbuhril 2010-01-11 00:57
    maryjstella: oh thanks ^_^
    sorry for being late.
    how are you?
    happy new year
  • DrAiN
    DrAiN 2010-01-10 00:09
    maryjstella: Hi ~
    thanks for your msg.
    I'm good. what about you?
    sorry for my late reply.
    ^__^ I am ok. thanx and dont worry about the late reply
  • dean1112
    dean1112 2010-01-09 14:40
    please add me as a friend^^very nice dresscheer up my friend^^아자
  • mariem_2803
    mariem_2803 2010-01-09 14:26
    maryjstella: OH hI ~
    how are you?
    I'm stella.
    Hii ^^ im good !
    My name is mariem ^^
  • mariem_2803
    mariem_2803 2009-12-19 20:37
    Hi ^^
  • DrAiN
    DrAiN 2009-12-14 04:45
    Hi how are you?
  • evanovich
    evanovich 2009-12-06 03:24
    maryjstella: ^_^ that's Korean traditional clothes.
    thanks. What can I call you?
    hey you can call me Evan.
    i am really into korean culture , hope you can help me with your
    traditional style ,do you have other photo ?
    and in your culture what does ( 1999) means
    they keep saying it on "starking"
    i totally have no idea ,hope you can help me
  • dean1112
    dean1112 2009-11-29 02:20
    hi^^im dean from busanhope to be a friends??^^
  • naji
    naji 2009-11-22 06:32
    hi, how r u ?
  • Zinoa
    Zinoa 2009-11-16 02:40
    maryjstella: ahahah I'm trying to learn France !! XD
    French is very a very difficult language to learn ^^ But i can help you :)
  • johnlbuhril
    johnlbuhril 2009-10-17 03:03
    you look great! keep smiling
  • evanovich
    evanovich 2009-10-04 07:24
    hey stella !
    i liked your profile , hope to be friends
    nice outfit by the way
  • shim_minjee
    shim_minjee 2009-09-19 18:05
    maryjstella: Hey
    I'm sososo sorry T_T
    I reply after 5months when you leave the msg.
    how are you?
    Don't worry. its ok. Maybe u were busy^^;;
    Im ok, but so stressed this past few days.

    What about you?
  • princeZz
    princeZz 2009-09-06 13:33
  • evanovich
    evanovich 2009-08-28 00:43
    hey there ..
    catchy cloth you are wearing !
    hope to be friends
  • hi2522
    hi2522 2009-08-23 00:58
    maryjstella: 아 메일링 오면 종종 들르곤해요 ~~~
    바빠서 ㅠ_ㅠ 헤헤
    so how are you?
    I'm going to Seoul next Tuesday to go back to the university.
    I finished my military service 2 months ago!
    You still want a foreign friend?
    If not,  친구하자구요 :)
  • hi2522
    hi2522 2009-08-13 00:16
    지금은 이거 안하시나봐요?
  • bubu91
    bubu91 2009-04-30 12:44
    hey!nice to meet you,you looks cute ;)
  • Bortoni
    Bortoni 2009-04-29 15:55
    what uuupp!!!! English or Spanish partner available hahahaha post!!!
  • shim_minjee
    shim_minjee 2009-03-29 22:46
    Hello... Im Shim Min Jee (심민지)^^;;
    how are you?

    drop by my page if you have time.. tc..
  • mayukoselina
    mayukoselina 2009-03-20 19:10
    ur so cute..^^
  • hi2522
    hi2522 2009-03-14 16:42
    I haven't surfed this site.
    Almost forgot in fact;;
    You don't chat with Koreans?
    I'm sorry to hear that.
    I don't want a Korean either, especially who speaks Korean.
    I think we don't have to care if we use English each other.
    because I want to improve English so much.
    Hmm.. if you want a foreiner who speak English fluently..
    maybe I'm not the man.
    But if you want a friend,
    for example when you are in hard time,
    and you have no friend to talk to,
    at that time I think I can be a sincere listener for you.
    Don't we think we need some firends we really don't know a lot each other?
    If it's only in my mind, well I understand you :)
  • Pennyxz
    Pennyxz 2009-02-14 04:16
    Thanks for accepting, u really cute :-)
  • hafly
    hafly 2009-02-13 20:38
    heyy! thanks for adding me :)
  • Jumong
    Jumong 2009-01-27 22:22
    Hey...youre so cute in that pic..
  • redray82
    redray82 2009-01-27 15:20
    한복이 잘 어울리네요 ^^
  • sweetpastry
    sweetpastry 2009-01-23 22:03
    Hi..thanks for visiting my page
    Your photo is totally cute
  • hi2522
    hi2522 2009-01-22 20:01
    Thanks for replying, but I've got to run now like yesterday..
    I usually don't have time to surft the internet really.. so please understand meㅜㅜ
    근데 난 왜 계속 영어를 쓰고 있죠? 정말..하나도 못하는데 말이에요
    e-mail 알려줄 수 있나요? 저는
    I don't know if it's written in my homepage.
    anyway 오늘도 즐거운 하루되길!
  • hidonggle
    hidonggle 2009-01-10 21:58
    hi, nice to meet u ~ i 'm Korean though~ i want u to be my friend. your pic can;t be better !! it's beautiful~ i like it !! haha =)
    nice to meet u again ~
  • lotteshyb25
    lotteshyb25 2009-01-10 12:33
    nice to meet u^^
    can we be fd?*
  • mohammed
    mohammed 2009-01-08 21:40
    hi. how are you?
    Your photo is beautiful. hahaha

    nice to meet you
  • fantasyfan
    fantasyfan 2009-01-08 08:59
    Hello,  nice to meet you.
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