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  • mickyarba

    Rule Of Using HeyHeyFriends

    mickyarba 2009-02-10 16:27
    *I highly recommend that you read the rules to prevent your account being permanently/temporarily banned.
    *Rules are there for a reason, therefore I expect everyone to follow them.
    *Remember, if you break any of the rules, immediate action will be taken.

    >Do not use foul, racist or abusive language. This is totally not acceptable on HeyHeyFriends. You must respect all other users, regardless of their race, gender, sexuality, etc.

    >Do not upload any file(s) that contain viruses.

    >Do not send any messages contained advertisement or illegal terms writing to others,  such as spamming the community or asking for financial help.

    >Do not post any pornographic material on the forums. We have users of all ages that come to meet friends here, so pornographic material is not appropriate.

    >Do not send abusive, threatening or racist private messages to any other Member(s). If anyone receives a private message containing abusive, threatening or racist comments, then I would like to encourage you to report it to ( straight away. I would also like to encourage you to take a screen shot of the abusive message, in order to provide prove of the abuse. I would like to encourage this, so that false action isn’t taken against innocent users.

    >If another user posts their picture on the forum, then do not make fun of them. I do not condole any abuse towards another person’s picture. They have had the courage to upload their picture, so be nice!

    >For who under age in 18 or  under adult age in he/she’s country. If you arrange to meet any other user (in real life) you do so entirely at your own risk. It is important that you understand that arranging a face-to-face meeting with your chat friends is a big step and should be avoided unless your parents are involved. Here are some basic rules that you and your parents should follow if you decide to meet someone with your consent:

    >Always take an adult to a meeting
    >Always meet in a public place
    >For who under age in 18 or under adult age in he/she’s country.  Always inform your parents who, when, and where you are meeting

    *You should inform us if at any time you consider another user(s) use of this community to be in breach of these rules

    *Please contract

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