Saturday Night Shenanigans

2009-05-03 12:11
Lets get this post started by saying that I was told Monday would be a holiday to make a total 4 day long weekend, sounds pretty good so far. But on Friday I was informed that Monday would be a work day after all. Bad news one.

last weekend was utterly boring and I had intended to make the most of some planned activities on Monday but without that option I needed to motivate myself to find something to do on Saturday. The walls in my apartment seem to be closing in and Korea is a big place, surely there would be some fun to be had.

So I had a shower, dressed up and messaged a couple of people to see if they had ideas for where I could go. Sadly my workmate was out of town - no help from that end and I didn't hear from anyone else. Bad news two.

So without the aid of anyone in Ulsan, I figured it would be up to me to head out on my own and try and stir up some action. I had been to Purple Haze and Tombstone once before but couldn't find the sheet with their names in Korean for the taxi driver. Then I discovered I had lost my translation book so wouldn't like my chances of communicating with a taxi driver. Bad news three.

I did have the location for Samsadong, and recalled seeing a bar there from a previous visit. So thats where I would go. I grabbed my phone, wallet and keys and headed out for fun.

On leaving the apartment I discovered it was raining. Bad news four.

"fxxk it", I thought to myself. I've come this far I'm not going back now. Bracing myself against the light drizzle I started walking to the nearest bank to grab some extra cash. It was a 20 minute walk, and to be honest i was worried the bank would not be open. It was though, so I was able to withdraw some cash. After cramming the huge stack of tens in my wallet (Korea needs bigger denominations in their notes), I exited the bank and scanned the streets for a taxi. No taxis in sight, so some good news on the money. But that is bad news five.

So it was with some trepiditation now that I began heading towards Home Plus to find a taxi. Things weren't going well, surely fate or destiny was trying to tell me something. "Stay home...stay home..." It was niggling at the back of my brain. But I forced that thought way down, and kept on pursuing towards Home Plus. 15 minutes later I arrived, and you guessed it no taxis in sight.

I waited on one side of the road for 15 minutes, nothing. Then I noticed a lady get a taxi on the other side of the road so I headed over there instead. 15 minutes later still no taxi, and worse two guys were down the road also trying to hail any car they saw. If I stayed where I was I wouldn't get a taxi if one eventuall arrived...and my willpower was failing me now. The voice in my head was thundering "GO HOME". Bad news 6.

Unable to stand the boredom of waiting any more, and feeling frustated again at the lack of being able to accomlish even the simplest of task. I headed home. But I was walking on the side of the road that would allow me to see any oncoming taxi's...I hadn't totally given up hope.

15 minutes of walking and shock, a taxi! I eagerly waved it down, jumped in and told the taxi driver my destination. I didn't even need my magic paper with the Korean translation. Bonus. Once in the taxi I discovered I had received a response to my earlier request from a friend. Could things be looking up? It turns out my friend was having an early night though, so my initial joy was somewhat premature. I'd be on my own after all but even still, I was headed in the right direction now!

The taxi ride was relatively short, and in mere moments, relative to the marathon effort taken to find the taxi, I was at my destination. Lotte Department store. Now to find the American bar I had seen the night before. I had a quick scan of my surroundings, found where I was and off I went. It didn't take long to find the place I was thinking of, but shock. It wasn't a bar after all, it was a restaurant full of dining groups! I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself in there alone. After a quick message to let my friends know of my situation, I turned around and headed back where I came from. Bad news 7.

The night wasn't a total washout though. I went and had a couple of quiet drinks in the hotel. There was no-one at the bar to talk to though, and no-one was messaging me. I actually spent more time in getting to the hotel than I spent there. After all that I left for home. It had only just passed 12. Sad.

If you have read this far I congratulate you on the effort, I hope my tail of misery brings some light to your day. It always easier to laugh at misfortune, and I'd be laughing if this wasn't my story.
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foot step

  • fantasyfan
    fantasyfan 2009-06-09 16:39
    lol . aww so sorry to hear that don, but I had to laugh , your right since it is your misfortune, you won't find it funny , but don't beat yourself up over it, Most of my weekends or plans that I have that involve me having a good time end up like that. I would at least like it if I could even be in Korea now having a bad day. Having a bad day here where all of my friends are and things are easier to read and communication is in english makes it even worse.
  • Don
    Don 2009-06-09 20:31
    ha yeah thanks, there are worse things that can happen. I just felt like venting this in the hope it would brighten someone elses day! ;)

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